Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Life and Style Expo

This poster just kept on showing up via Facebook last June. When I saw THIS I got interested. Hello... I mean this four goal-driven and smart women are to look up when it comes to being stylish and work. They're smart and very reputable. I wanted to meet Isabel and Solenn. I haven't seen them in actual. During this time Solenn was in Paris (saw it on her IG). Anyway, I attended on the second day, June 6, in the afternoon.  I listened to Liz Uy talk: Power Dressing. 

One of the boss in RCBC. Forgot his name 'eh. 
The talk started late because Liz didn't arrive on time. haha. 

I think we all know the do's and don't in corporate attire. We just wanted to hear Liz's approval. Chos! Know the company restrictions when it comes to work wear/clothes. 
Not all outfits must be branded she explained. She also has some unbranded pieces.

I like this part because I got to see more presentations more than what is in the book of hers. 

There was a Q&A portion. 
Sorry the lights bounce back to my camera that's why my photos seem to look like it was night already. 

After Liz's talk, I roamed around the expo area. 

Free coffee
Kris Lawrence performed. 
I think Liz Uy's Mom and Dad were still in the front seat area watching Kris' performance. 
Goodies. I left the expo area. I heard Glaiza de Castro and Silent Sanctuary sung while I was still near. What I like the expo is that it is presented by the bank. Because you get to be reminded to save up for the future. 

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