Monday, August 24, 2015


Yesterday, I decided to break my usual Sunday routine which is just staying at home. I saw the event announcement on Instagram. It was for free so why not? I came around 6 PM. Registered right away at the registration area. Check out which booth should I go first. I went to Ibufluid Medicol booth first and immediately got a loot bag. Next booth I went to was Universal Channel booth wherein you can get a free coffee. I asked the guy staff in there to just give me a coffee and sign my stub but he refused. He said I should experience the electric chair massage and have my stub or passport signed by the woman after. Let the photos do some story-telling. 

 Having a massage by this time.
 Donation area.

 Before I went to another booth, the auction has begun. 

 The Gutierrez ladies together with the fastest bidder in the middle.
I don't know how to described the way I felt seeing Sarah Lahbati in actual.
 Stylelist Inc booth by E! Channel

The Stylelist Inc Team. 

I donated two shirts to Caritas through the Diva Universal booth. I got to experience the tube that gets clothing pieces up. The activity you can usually see or watch in the tv show "How Do I look?" A staff documented it or took a photo/video of me while doing that. I don't know where to find it though.

I had a chance to be taken a photograph in the E! booth. I wore a bike leather jacket. I don't where can I find my picture there too. Oh well, I think I only stayed there for an hour and some few minutes. 

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