Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unveil With Veluz Part 3

 There was an AVP by Edsa Shangrila Hotel. It was about their culinary expertise or their main restaurant in the hotel.
Started late. They didn't follow the program rule stated on the note written in a beautiful paper they gave to every guests.

 Presentation by the Hotel restaurant staff. The VIP section tasted their small offerings. 

 Michael, known as Fashion Pulis hosted the talk with Vicky Belo. 
The segment was called Vicky Belo talk on Belo Bride. 

I've learned about celebrities who undergone different procedure in Belo Medical Group. I've learned that Jennylyn Mercado is the only one who doesn't deny every procedure she went to Belo like making her shoulder and arms smaller. Vicky Belo also introduced the Picosure treatment during this time. 

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