Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unveil With Veluz Part 5

The most awaited part. Michael Leyva's collection and Veluz Reyes bridal gowns collection. 

This lace dress reminds me of Pat Santos. I don't know why. 
Always amaze of this woman movements on the runway. 

There can only be one Marina Benipayo as they say. 
I think Michael Leyva has a mark now in the fashion industry because he made a lot of celebrity gowns already. 

Dominic Roque. I feel old na whenever I see him on tv and other media. I met him years ago when he was still part of candymag candy cutie. 

 Sorry. Can't edit.

I find this gown pretty and simple. You've got to be fit in this gown though. 

The photographers corner. They were actually facing the front stage.

Nikki Gil was a revelation. So surprised with her presence. 

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