Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BDJ BOX Global Glam

This event was more than a week ago. It was the only time I decided to attend a Belle De Jour event or event by Viviamo! I arrived around 11 am. I tried to looked for fellow Bellas who are also fellow bloggers but I only met two, Ate Denise and Nicole. They arrived late so we weren't together. I noticed that BDJ veterans weren't there too. I didn't attend the BDJ Box Beauty Camp because I didn't know how to get there. 

First booth I went to was the GSK. Secondly, the Revlon booth. They were introducing the Photo Ready Eye Art product. Third, just signed up for the raffle in Covergirl. Next, the Morrison premium and  V 10 Plus. Finally, decided to lined up in The Face Shop. 

Here's what happened in the event. 
First talk of the day: Multicultural Gorgeousness with MAC. I'm still roaming around during this time.

BDJ BOX Beauty Ministry. I signed up in for this talk.
The Look of Love by Revlon 

Finally, saw this popular beauty blogger. 
Loot Bags

Long line in The Face Shop Booth. 

Talk by Covergirl
I left already before the last Talk.
I went home with these.

Pasts BDJ Box events were better than this event. 

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