Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Combi Pop Party.

Two weeks ago, I received a very surprising invite. An invite for an exclusive party about a new song/sounds. I don't even know the sender but I confirmed my attendance anyway. Hello, weirdo! (Talk to myself) Days before the event, I found it very interesting bcos it would be my first time in URBN Kitchen and Bar although I've heard of the place before. The main reason of the gathering was for the launch of Combi World’s Biggest Pop Song – made from sounds submitted by the population. Combi team gathered the sounds for months. Now, they are ready to share the song for everyone. 

It was my second time in the Fort Point II Building. Been there for the CDO@40 Run for Odyssey press con weeks ago. I rarely go to The Fort Strip area because I usually stroll around Market! Market! Mall and Bonifacio High Street. Anyway, It was raining so bad that night. I kept myself calm while travelling and managed to got inside the bar a little wet because I don't have a car. :p Finally, I met Martin. hehe. The place was very well designed for the Combi Pop Party if you only saw the walls in every part of the bar during that night.

The DJ's set and the dance floor.

Opening number. Instrumental sounds with the used of different sounding materials.
Sorry forgot the name of the group who performed.

Alodia Gosiengfiao was the host for that night.
Obviously, I was seated in the left side facing her. Had a hard time capturing a photo of her because of the spotlight.

Brand Manager Nathaniel welcome us. 
They ready some games for all of us wherein everyone can participate. The first was called Beach Ball Sound Bites.

Beach Ball Sound Bites. The mechanics was pass the ball as long as the music plays and if it stop, whoever touched the ball for the last time must make the sound according to what Alodia described. (Uploaded some photos on my instagram)

Second game was called Blind Sound Bites. The participants have been pre-selected. Two teams with five members each. There was an audio played. You just have to guess it. If you know the answer press the bell or buzz button and give the answer.

There was some few raffle prized too. I didn't get home any. Lelz!
As far as I can remember team one won.

Now, for the part wherein all of us participated. We were given some materials and instructed on how we would used our things to make a certain sounds. 

Ice bucket or something with a big  wooden spoon. It was fun because. The moment reminded us of what we do on the eve of New Year --- that is to make a lot of noise to welcome a new year ahead.

After that, the AVP of the #WorldsbiggestPopsong was showed. I think it lasted about more than two minutes. I haven't seen it on YouTube yet. 
Alodia signing off.

Had to make a selfie just to document my whole outfit, LOL. It was said in the memo to wear a colorful outfit. No pressure naman pala. Ha ha. I should've won an award for this. :D Obviously this was not in URBN's ladies room.

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