Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just a quick post. Looks like I must start running which I wasn't able to pursue last year.

I signed up last night for a bloggers' meeting that I found on Certified Bloggers Facebook group. I'm quite not yet busy again with my job hunt. I felt awkward after realizing that I signed up for an event wherein some Pastors will be there. Yes, I am not attending church services again for a month. 

 Pastor Ferdie. Sorry, I was late. 
Here's Pastor Ferdie explaining all his ultra-marathon experiences and lower than ultra-marathon standard kilometers run experiences too. 

 Caption this: Sharing with conviction .lol. Learned a lot about running in marathon. Tips, preparations, while on the run etecetera. He shared how he was inspired by Fr. Amado Picardal to keep pushing in running the race. 
The lunch meeting. Grabbed these photos from men of  Victory Fort. I won't mention their names. 

 Pastor Ferdie Cabiling and me. 

About Pastor Ferdie's agenda:

“I run for those who can’t,” is the battle cry of pastor and ultra-marathon runner Ferdie Cabiling. His knowledge of the love of God and the passion to not only share it but tangibly impart it to others is the primary reason why he’ll soon undertake the most ambitious goal of his running career.
On September 5 – October 25, 2015, Ptr. Ferdie will run 50 kilometers a day, covering 2,500 kilometers, on his 50th birthday. He will be running from the southernmost tip of the Philippines and ending at the archipelago’s northernmost point, completing this monumental journey for almost 50 days. His goal: To raise P 2.5 million pesos that will fund the scholarship of 250 students from the Real Life Foundation.
The senior leader of the 75,000 strong church of Victory Metro Manila has been part of multiple marathons and recently raised half-a-million pesos for the Christian NGO. He is now setting his sights to achieve a feat that will potentially transform the future of hundreds of young men and women – the nation’s next generation.
As a pastor for almost thirty years, Ptr. Ferdie has committed himself to imparting a message of hope and promise to young students, having started his ministry as a campus leader and later on as youth pastor. He has mentored hundreds, if not thousands, of young people, preparing them live a life of excellence, integrity, and servant leadership in both the church and the marketplace.
RUN50 is a testament to his dedication to the youth and a belief that he has always live by: if you can make an impact on students’ lives, you can change the world.
Do you want to make an impact in the lives of 250 students? Be part of the journey.

More explanation why he does:
I run because I can.
And I run for those who can’t.
Yes. There are thousands upon thousands of people who can’t.
One of which is my son, John Philip, who at 4 months old was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. He has gone through a battery of tests and injections, and I consider him as the most courageous boy I have ever known. Due to his seizures and the effects of the syndrome, he limps when he walks because the arch of his right foot has collapsed. Despite that, he would always attempt to run anyway. He is my constant inspiration when I run.
I also run for the Real LIFE Foundation scholars. Real Life Foundation is a christian NGO that exists to serve the poor and empower their dreams through educational assistance, character development and community service. During my first Bataan Death March race in 2011, my team and I were able to raise half a Million for the Real LIFE scholars.
The Cause: 
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