Saturday, September 5, 2015

Run50. The Ferdie Cabiling Project.


Ferdie Cabiling is turning 50 years old on September 8. To commemorate the half-century mark, the "Running Pastor," as Ferdie is popularly known, has decided to run across the Philippines, for the benefit of the Real LIFE Foundation. 

"I have seen reasons to run," Ferdie says, when asked why he decided to take on such a daunting challenge besides the obvious reasons like health and exercise." The long distance veteran - he's logged in several marathons under his belt, including the 2nd Bataan Death March (102K) and the Bataan Death March (160K)  ultra-marathons--grins. 

"As a fifty year old man," he says, "I am running for health. Secondly, as a Filipino citizen," I run for the scholars of the Real LIFE Foundation."

A Christian non-profit organization passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to a good education and transforming their communities through community service, the Real LIFE Foundation and its partners currently support more than 250 scholars across the Philippines. 

"We are taking a high school graduates with honors," Ferdie says, "but because of sheer poverty, they can't seem to have access to college education. I will be raising one thousand pesos per kilometer."

Ferdie expects to run 2,180 kilometers across the country, starting from Sarangani and ending in Cagayan. That's two million pesos.

"Thirdly, as a Christian," Ferdie adds, "I run for the peace of the city by intercession, prayer and gospel proclamation for those in authority." Plans for Ferdie include courtesy calls to the town and city halls of the places he will run past, starting from Maasim, Sarangani, en route to his finishing stop in Aparri, Cagayan. 

"Fourthly," he says, "I run for the people of Victory and the evangelical Christians." All Sundays of #RUN50, Ferdie will preach at Victory churches and other Bible-believing churches along the Maharlika Pan-Philippines Highway. 

"This is an opportunity to be able to proclaim the gospel of Christ in the pulpits of these churches," Ferdie grins. The avid runner acknowledges it will be an epic and raw adventures.

"The idea of running around the corner in a new place is already a a treat, my fifth reason," says Ferdie. "Running across the country? It's even more exhilarating. I get the chance to see, on foot, the beauty of nature!" ..."At the same time," he adds, "I will get to take a look, first hand, the plight of most of our countrymen across the nation. Why we were tagged as a Third World Country. I know you don't have to run across the country to see that. But the reality of why ten million Filipinos are OFWs (Overseas Filipino workers) spread around the world is just mind boggling."

"I know God is allowing us as a nation to experience HIS grand plan. It may seem that we were forced to leave the country for economic reasons, but I know God, being a Turn-around Specialist, is able to make us a blessing to the world!"

"Sixth, as a FAMILY MAN," Ferdie syas," I run for those who can't because of some physiological conditions, there are so many of our country men who are considered as person with disability. And what is the connection of being a Family man to being concern with these types of people? My only eleven year old son was born with disability called Sturgeon-Weber syndrome. He can walk and tries to run sometimes to show off to daddy, but he does it by literally dragging his right leg which was affected by this inborn condition of the brain."

"Finally, as a believer," says Ferdie," I run for God's glory and pleasure. I like to align myself to this quote from a runner himself. Eric Liddell says in this 1981 film " Chariots of Fire, "I believe God made me for a purpose and He also made me fast. When I run, I feel HIS pleasure." 

For more information on Pastor Ferdie's run, or to follow his run, Follow Pastor Ferdie on twitter (@ferdiecabiling) Instagram (@therunningpastor). Follow the hashtags #RUNACROSSTHEPH

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