Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spectrum Fair Manila

I went here on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I was alone. I thought I'd be able to dragged some fellow blogger acquaintances here bcos I was just in another near area before I went here. Anyway, I really thought of shopping a piece of clothing here. I saw Aryanna Epperson before I got inside the Whitespace building. She was leaving by the time when arrived. When I saw photos on instagram the days before, I knew that the event place would looked pretty colorful and nice. True enough when I got in here a lot of merchants were selling colorful stuffs. 

Near the entrance is the French Quarter. It was a food merchant. 

Sushi Nori was jam packed. There was no time that they had no customers. Beside them is Baguettini. 
 Sushi Nori
Sushi Nori offerings

 Aly's Cookie Bar

I was able to tasted a sample. Yes! The chocolate one. It was yummy.

Nicole Ortega Morsels from My Kitchen. These breads that I saw looked unreal. Very artisan. Magandang display.

 Snack Box. The lady seller was very generous to hand me some pieces. 
 Teraoka Family Farm

 Succulents by Sab
 Iconic socks
 Shoes :)


 Gourmet Corner

 Potato Corner and Rosita's
 Aware Present clothing

 Louie-Luis Ice cream Sandwich
 AVA booth. I was interested how much the price of their skirt but seemed like they wouldn't entertain me.
Woodarts MNL

I left already around 2 pm. I missed seeing some celebrities in the flesh who came in by night or before night. I was happy to saw Camie Juan in actual. Cutie girl! I wasn't able to photograph some other merchants. Most of the clothing pieces sold in this event ranges from 1,200 up. 

Special thanks to Tin Advincula for the pass. 

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  1. Very nice event! I wish I had come! :(


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