Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Light'em Up. Creative Lamps. Artisan Products Proudly Filipino Made

How do you spice up an area that looks so plain? Do you want to see a thing with the mix of colors that you like on it? I'm sure you are one of those people nowadays that do not just buy an item without a purpose. 

Artisans are definitely everywhere. There is artisan ice cream, bags, shoes, etc., Now, what I've learned from a group is that there is an artisan lamp. What's the best in this lamp is that they can change the shape into another shape to use for their bedroom, living room, or other place wherein they can display or hang this lamp in whatever occasions. Another thing I like about this brand of lamp is that it can be reshape in 22 configurations. You can bring it to where you bought it and asks for the reshaping which is for free. But you can also get a copy of instructions and D-I-Y.  

Here are other features of Light'em up Creative Lamps:

-WATER Proof, they can use it indoors and outdoors like garden and lanai. Since it is waterproof, cleaning is not a problem, you can easily knockdown the shade, and wash with soap and water, or with a rubber socket inside (like those of the lantern type) they can spray the lamp with water, no need to dismantle.

-Material used it poly-carbonate. Durable, heat resistant, color-stable, and 100% recyclable.

-Led bulbs for artisan lamps, and energy saving bulbs for the lantern type.

Home redecorating is not expensive. With the right amount of time spent on conceptualizing your idea, you can do it without spending a lot of money for sourcing materials.  If you are on a budget and wanted to give a room a different feel, you can do it with Light'em up lamp. 

Price ranges from P 650-1500, well, depending on the size and design of the lamp. Colors can be customized without any charge.

Modern or classic home, these lamps can give different ambiances : vibrant, relaxing, loungey, calming or festive... this is the lamp that adapts to every customers mood. These lamps' geometric multi-petaled design comes in range of pop colors that will add a glow to your interiors or exteriors.


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