Monday, October 26, 2015

Preciously Precious. Precious Hearts Romances Readers Event at The Manila International Book Fair 2015.

It has been more than a month ago since the MIBF 2015 happened at SMX Convention center, Pasay. This was my second time to experienced the book fair. Regarding the subject, Yes... I've read some PHR books before. As far as I remember I was still in high school back then. 

Free tattoo. Most of the PHR audience that day were teenagers. Well, based on my observation. Some went as a group or barkada. 
Free makeover. Since most of the PHR readers or people who patronize PHR books are females, the group behind the PHR decided to treat their readers to a free makeover that day.

The crowd before the program started.
Precious Pages Corporation President: Mr. Segundo Matias Jr.

Uber pink stage. Looks like a stage for a debutante. lol. 
Forgot the names of the hosts. They did a great job. 

There were some games in between before introducing each series of books. I didn't join the games because these guys were younger than me. hahaha! To see more photos during the event check out my blog page. The Filipina Thrives at the Preciously Precious event. MIBF 2015
Precious Hearts Romances authors.

Authors of The Virgins' Pact series
 Checked out the sales. 

There was a searchee/ searcher game before I left. The guy is known as one of  Cosmo Bachelors. 
Thank you Precious Pages (Precious Hearts Pocketbooks for that wonderful day and for my loot bag. 

P.S. A college friend of mine passed away that day though:(

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