Monday, November 30, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch. Last Part.

Dana Decena
I don't really see myself doing video-blogging or vlogging. I'm not talkative. I've learned about vlogging through candymag years ago. I think it has been more than a decade when vlogging started. The title of this talk was "Taking a Step Towards Vlogging. The speakers were Dana Decena and Cristina Decena. I wouldn't knew them If this event didn't happen. They are behind the Youtube: Partners in Vogue . 

Things I learned from Dana:

-We should disclose that a brand we're using was sponsored to give credit to the brand. Be flexible with rates.
-Bring a business card when attending events. 
-Never open a loot bag because you cannot hide your facial reaction. 

Verniece and Vern, Heidi Nazarudin and Dana Decena answered few questions from the guests.
Bloggers Babes Asia in Manila participants/ attendees.
Thank you Clozette and Blogger Babes together with all the sponsors for making the event happened. 

Sign up now and join the growing community.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch Part 3

Verniece Enciso and Vern Enciso seems every chinky-eyed girls peg. They are mistaken as twins but they're not. Vern is a year older than Verniece. They are inspirations to every girly-girl style of dressing up. 

Anyway, it was my first time to saw Vern in person. I've seen Verniece last year when I covered the Teenweek kickoff party at SMX Convention of SM Aura. I don't really religiously read their joined-blog. But sometimes whenever I visit their blog I get in touch with my girly side. They are popular in the Philippine fashion and lifestyle blogosphere maybe because of their unique styles and pretty faces. I think they are not shallow fashion bloggers because they sometimes share personal posts that you can relate.

The Things shared during the their TALK:

5 Things to Remember When Blogging

1. Everything Happens For A Reason.
2. Believe In Yourself.
3. Don't Expect to Get What You Want Right Away. You Have To Work For It.
4. Always Welcome Change.
5. Don't Copy. Be You.

5 Things We Need To Start A Blog:

1. A Good Camera.
2. A Decision On What Topic You'll Be Blogging About.
3. The Means To Invest On What You Want To Write Or Blog About. 
4. A WordPress account.
5. The Drive to Blog Constantly and Consistently.

5 Qualities We Need to Have As A Blogger

1. Authenticity
2. Patience
3. Creativity
4. Open-mindedness 
5. Kapal ng Mukha.

5 Negatives We Get As A Blogger:

1. Haters
2. Scammers
3. Spammers
4. The voice inside your head saying "I can't do that".
5. Bad Days

5 Things To Look Forward To

1. Your Dreams are Coming True. Even The Dreams You Didn't Know You Had.
2. Friends and Acquaintances From All Walks of Life.
3. Seeing Things and Places You Never Thought You'd Lay Your Eyes On.
4. Getting Paid by Just Doing What You Love.
5. The chance To Inspire A Few People To Follow Their Dreams As Well. 

Go checkout Vern and Verniece Enciso Blog:

Sunday, November 22, 2015


- Sticker Pack to Feature 40 NBA Legends -

-NBA Has More Than 3.8 Million Fans Globally on LINE-
HONG KONG, Nov.19, 2015 –The National Basketball Association (NBA) released a sticker pack on the leading global communications app LINE, featuring 40 NBA legends for users to personalize their LINE conversations.  The NBA’s official account on LINE – available in English, Chinese,Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, and Spanish – reaches more than 3.8 million followers globally.

The NBA is accessible on LINE through a range of devices including mobile, tablets and PCs.  By following the NBA on LINE, fans can receive real-time news updates, information on local NBA events, off-court happenings and more.The NBA became the first major U.S. professional sports league to launch an official account on the messaging application LINE in February 2015.

Since its launch in 2011, LINE has grown into a global service used in 230 countries and regions, ranking first in the free app category in 71 countries.  LINE offers free one-to-one and group messaging, as well as the ability to make free domestic and international voice and video calls.  Apart from its messenger app that is used to send popular virtual stickers such as colorful emoticons, the company offers a wide range of non-messaging services ranging from games to photo sharing apps.

“Friend” the NBA’s official account on LINE by adding @nba_global or by scanning the QR code and download the Legends sticker pack from the LINE sticker shop.  Follow the NBA on Facebook at and Twitter at for all the latest news and updates.  For all things NBA, visit

NBA Official Account (LINE ID: @nba_global)
Supported regions: Global (except mainland China)
Supported languages: Chinese (Traditional), English, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Spanish

Sticker set details
Name: NBA Legends
Release Date: Nov. 19, 2015
Sale Region: Global except mainland China
LINE STORE download link:
John Stockton LINE Sticker

Yao Ming LINE sticker
Tracy McGrady LINE sticker

Shaquille O'Neal LINE sticker
Scottie Pipen LINE sticker

About the NBA
The NBA is a global sports and media business built around three professional sports leagues: the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the NBA Development League.  The league has established a major international presence with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 49 languages, and NBA merchandise for sale in more than 125,000 stores in 100 countries on 6 continents.  NBA rosters at the start of the 2015-16 season featured 100 international players from 37 countries and territories.  NBA Digital’s assets include and NBA Mobile, which achieved record traffic during the 2014-15 season, as well as NBA TV.  The NBA has created one of the largest social media communities in the world, with more than 915 million likes and followers globally across all league, team, and player platforms.  Through NBA Cares, the league addresses important social issues by working with internationally recognized youth-serving organizations that support education, youth and family development, and health-related causes.

About LINE Corporation
LINE Corporation is based in Japan and develops and operates the LINE app for smartphones.  Since launching in June 2011, the LINE app has grown into a global service used in 230 countries and regions, ranking first in the free app category in 69 countries.  LINE offers free one-to-one and group messaging, as well as free domestic and international voice and video calls.  LINE also includes a wide array of social elements such as fun and expressive stickers, a personal Home, a Timeline, and numerous LINE family apps, including LINE games and LINE camera.  For more information about LINE, please visit

Friday, November 20, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch Part 2

Blogging & Social Media Talk by Heidi Nazarudin, Blogger Babes Founder. Basically, she introduced herself first and how did she start in blogging. She's the person behind 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch Part 1

More than a month ago (sorry for the constant late update), last October 3, 3015, Blogger Babes Asia was launched at Vyne Tapas Bar & Restaurant. It is a community for female bloggers. To know more details read here. I knew that I would learn a lot from this event because the speakers are very reputable and have their names marked in the blogosphere. The weather was very fine that day. 

As indicated in the event invite poster:

For aspiring bloggers and those who want to take their blog to the next level, it's time to find out what it takes to get noticed in the highly competitive arena of online content curation and blogging. 

The host for that day was Ms. Lystra of Clozette Manila/Philippines.
The People behind Clozette were introduced. 

Cloztte is more than just a website for women's interest. It is a online avenue wherein you can shop, share and get to know the latest events updates about about and beauty in your city. 
I remember last year, Clozette ambassadors here in the country got to attend Philippine Fashion week as guests. One of the benefit I guess of being a member and active user is you get to attend exclusive events. 

Create your account now. It is available in Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. Sorry if I forgot some other countries.

I haven't explore much those as of now. I did an Instagram integration.
 My account is

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Past Events...

It seemed I'm on my way to becoming a sports blogger. Feeling lang naman. I played volleyball at Sands SM by the bay weeks ago. The next sports activity I went to was football. But I didn't play. The last event I went to was running race. I just thought of this because I didn't plan to be in different kinds of sports lately. All these events happened because the universe was with me. chos! Good mornight! 

CDO@40 Run For Odyssey Experience.

A week ago, I participated in the CDO@40 Run for Odyssey. It would have been my second time to a running race If I didn't let a situation or say tantrums (hahaha) dictated my supposed to be first running experience last year.
What was supposed to be my first run? The answer is here. I actually expected to see Jasmine Curtis to run with us (participants). She was not there. She's one of the endorser of Highlands corned beef (one of CDO products) together with James Younghusband. And I think I saw a poster days before the running event that she will run. I'm a bit disappointed ...waley! 

Photo taken during the press conference

Anyway, congratulations to all who participated and finished the running race categories they have joined. Because of your participation you were able to gave or be part of the feeding program of Foodsphere Inc. or CDO company for the malnourished and unfortunate kids. You were able to support other causes they also conduct like disaster rehabilitation. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Foam Party

Foam Party will be part of the SEAFAIR Boat Show 2015. Gate Opens at 7 PM. For Inquiries Call Ms. Geraldine Castillo (0917 824 5025)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Conquering the 'Impossible' with Fruit and Football

While the idea of green living is nothing new, the accessibility of this unique and ideal lifestyle is something that only recently became a priority among today's generation of achievers in the Philippines. 

Nowadays, as more activities and brands promoting healthy living in well-rounded ways become a lot more accessible, people are able to further understand that living a healthy lifestyle isn't an exclusivist way of life but rather one that encourages everybody to pursue endeavors that satisfy the big picture.

Apart from preserving the greenery of nature around us, a healthy way of life also espouses the burgeoning desire of Filipinos to be well and fitter. As the number of health buffs in the country rise, so does the popularity of sports that show how fitness and fun can go hand-in-hand. This is where football comes to play. 

Recognizing the growing community of active achievers, Jamba Juice has been actively providing Filipinos with avenues to seamlessly pursue their passions while also following the aesthetics of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Since first launching in the Philippines in 2011, Jamba Juice has championed being the country's unrivaled provider of better-for-you beverages and snacks that give its patrons the healthy boost they need to stay fit and at the top of their game.

Jamba Juice is staging "Impossible Move Manila" as a nod to the legion of active achievers that have supported the brand for the longest time now, as well as a way to celebrate the ideals that the brand stands for. A special football workshop that engages up-and-coming athletes who want to further hone their talents and are up for a challenge, "Impossible Move Manila" pushes young achievers to go beyond the ordinary and conquer some the 'impossible'.

"Through 'Impossible Move Manila,' we want to show that through hard work, dedication, and collaboration, the seemingly impossible can be done excellently," said Max's Group, Inc. (MGI) Executive Vice President, Sharon Fuentebella.

During the event, participants were mentored by none other than national football team members Mark McMahon and Charlie Sutcliffe. Aside from this, both Mark and Charlie also strutted their stuff and wowed the crowd as they pulled off their own impossible moves.

To ensure that participants were properly fueled throughout the day, Jamba Juice served unique blends specially crafted by Mark and Charlie. At the end of the day, standout achievers got the chance to won an exclusive rewards, which include a year's worth of Jamba Juice!

"Impossible Move Manila is the beginning of a series of activities that we at Jamba Juice are pushing to motivate both budding and experienced athletes to keep nurturing their passions and striving for excellence," adds Fuentebella. "We want the Filipino society to celebrate opportunity to live healthy and live well, and we are here to join them and push them to do just that."

Marco Lobregat hosted the morning gathering at Jamba Juice Bonifacio High Street.
Ms. Sharon Fuentebella, Executive Vice President of Max's Group. 
Charlie Sutcliffe, Head coach of the Football game "Jamba Football Cup". 
Mark McMahon, Assistant coach

Charlie made his own "Sutcliffe shake". 
Grouping the young individuals before starting the football game.

Calling the goal keeper, middle defender and others.
Colorful bibs

 The game at The Turf BGC.

Visit Jamba Juice website and discover how Jamba Juice support healthy lifestyles not only through its delicious menu offerings but also through its advocacy of supporting activities anchored on fun, freshness and nature.

Disclaimer: Words aren't mine. But photos were taken by yours truly.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dr. Kong at Blogapalooza 2015

One of the girl was very "maasikaso" during that time when I was at their booth. I liked the feet assessment. Today, I checked up on the CD that they gave me during the event. My laptop sounded like a motor when I put the CD on my drive E or removable disk. I wanted to put a PR about them here but I don't like converting PDF files into Microsoft word. Hassle. Oh well, will check out their products once I go to the mall where they have a branch. 

Sea Fair Boat Show 2015. An Extraordinary Outdoor Boat Show Experience.

Read more about the Seafair Boat Show 2015 here. As well as other fun activities such as poker run and beach tennis

The Philippines. A Hunt for Marine Treasure by WWF.


Photos by WWF Photographers Jürgen Freund and Gregg Yan

This tale is fraught with sharks and treasure, pirates and poachers, with strife and solutions.
Surrounded by marine life 65 feet below the eastern face of Apo Isle in the Philippines’ Occidental Mindoro, I am on a quest to find the true ‘jewels’ of the deep. Not real jewels, of course – but whatever makes this area unique.
An impossibly huge school of yellow-dashed fusilier (Pterocaesiorandalli) appears from beneath. I try to estimate their number but simply cannot – they coalesce into a single mass that fills my field of vision. In a moment, they are gone, and I am left looking down into the blue.

Source of Life and Legend

Apo Reef lies at the northern tip of the Coral Triangle, a 5.7 million square-kilometer region that spans the seas of six countries: the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. The Coral Triangle is home to a quarter of the world’s islands and at least 500 species of reef-building coral.
Like the Bermuda Triangle, the area has also spawned a folkloric menagerie. Enchanting mermaids, wailing sirens, ship-tearing kraken and all manner of sea monsters featured in the tales of Age of Sail pirates and privateers.

In actuality, the region is an enormous undersea food factory, whose produce directly benefits half a billion people each year. A single square kilometre of healthy reef can produce over 30 metric tonnes of grouper, oyster, tuna and other forms of seafood annually. The potential of our seas to sustain life is vast, but fragile. 

Paradise Assailed

Today, paradise lies troubled. For over a century, coastal development, destructive fishing practices, coral mining, sedimentation, over fishing and chemical pollution have chipped away at the ocean’s health. Add to that climate change consequences such as ocean warming, acidification and coral bleaching, and we have an undersea war against marine resources. Faced with this problem, many countries within the Coral Triangle have established Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), to conserve what’s left.

Today the Philippines hosts about 10 per cent of the world’s MPAs – over 1,000. Established largely through local government initiatives and maintained through the blood, sweat and tears of coastal communities, these undersea enclaves are scattered throughout the archipelago to provide safe havens for marine life, as well as enticing destinations for a growing number of eco-conscious tourists. 

Sadly, many MPAs are plagued by a lack of funding. Mismanagement is rife, and it is estimated that little over 100 MPAs are properly administered. The rest are dubbed ‘paper parks’ – protected in name only. Since the 1990s, WWF has worked with partners to advance scientific research, policy reform and protected area management in the Coral Triangle. Our Philippine office has pioneered the establishment and upkeep of MPAs in some of the country’s best-known and most productive coral reefs.

Two of the country’s jewels are Apo Reef and the Tubbataha Reefs off the Sulu Sea.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Press Release: Beach Tennis

Fun and competitive, Beach Tennis can be the next big beach sports event next to the widely popular Beach Volleyball.   

Beach Tennis is a global racquet sport organized under the London-based International Tennis Federation. The world’s top doubles tennis players Bob and Mike known as the Bryan-Bryan Brothers – have declared the sun, sand and sea as more enjoyable while playing beach tennis!

This action-packed serve and volley game has become a craze in Europe and the Americas. There are zonal, international and World Cup tournaments. In Asia, Japan is the top beach tennis country. The sport is actually tailored-fit for the Filipino racquet enthusiasts. It require speed, agility and of course a strong bond between you and your partner. Yup, you heard that right. Filipinos are basically athletic, loves to bond with friends and are natural lovers of the beach.  

Beach Tennis is fun and easy! Let me tell you more about it so you can picture it better.

The surface is sand and played with the basically same size of a beach volleyball court. Similar to the regular Tennis sport, beach tennis is played in doubles and singles.

Beach tennis rackets are called “paddle bats” and are like over-sized table tennis rackets and the balls being used are low compression "orange" balls – or soft tennis balls making the speed slower and the pressure lighter when you hit it.

Beach Tennis can be played by all ages and in every level. It’s a perfect way to stay fit and healthy while bonding with your family and friends on a regular day, holiday or even in a local tournament.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those beach tennis outfits ready, paddle bats, sunscreen and join the growing numbers of players now!

Press Release: Seafair Poker Run 2015

Poker Run

Participants meet at a pre-arranged point, and pick up details of their route and the stops they need to make. Each participant is given a score card which will be filled in as they progress along the route. At each designated stop, the participants draw a card at random. The card drawn or dealt is recorded on each participant's score card/tally sheet, and the winner of the event is the participant who makes the best five-card poker hand at the end of the event.

 Seafair Boat Show Poker Run
  • Although this is a "run", there are no prizes for speed - it does not matter who is first to complete the course. It is not a race.
  • The winning hand is determined by standard poker hand rankings.
  • Speedboat racers may draw cards from each stop until they get total of five cards on their Score Sheet/ Tally Sheet.
·         Distance:

From Mall of Asia: 26 nautical miles to Corregidor, Bataan (52 miles round trip)

1.       First Check Point - Participants will draw two cards
2.       Second Check Point - Participants will draw two cards
3.       3rd and Last Point - Participants will draw one card. Two additional cards maybe purchased for P 2, 000 each at the final stop
  • Only five cards may be played for best hand.
  • Upon picking card from one location, Participants must present their tally sheet, pick one card at a time, and lay it face up on the table. No duplicate cards can be used. Participants must draw additional card if an identical card is drawn. For example, if you draw the seven of clubs and you already have the seven of clubs on your score-card, then you must put the card back and re-draw another card.
  • It is the participants' responsibility to check their score sheet before leaving each checkpoint, to ensure that the card they drew is correctly recorded on their score sheet.
  • If playing more than one hand, the participant must present the appropriate Poker Hand Tally Sheet to be marked before each card is drawn.
  • Participants must complete the run at SM Seaside Terminal no later than 5:00 pm on December 6, 2015.
  • Upon completion of 3 stops, participants must submit the Score sheet into the official Poker run booth
  • In case of a tie, there will be a draw for High Card to determine the winner. All decisions of the Judges are final.
  • All entrants, passengers & marshals (You) agree to indemnify Seafair Boat Show/ Legworks, the organizers, Committee and Members (Us) from all claims howsoever caused, in the event of accident, injury, loss or damage, to entrant, marshal, passenger, machine or personal items, unless directly caused by error or omission or deliberate act by us.
  • All boats, (and participants) must be in a legal, seaworthy condition. You are deemed to be in control of your machine at all times.
  • All entrants and Marshals must comply with the Rules and Regulations imposed during the event.
Registration packet inclusion:
  • Tally Sheet
  • Route map
  • Copy of mechanics and Poker Rules
  • Stubs for meals
  • Gasoline stubs
Poker Run Entries
  • Registration fee for the Poker Run is P 10, 000.00, which includes boat registration, Meals for two crew members and Gasoline stub. Wristbands for additional crew and friends are P 1,000.00 for access to meals and Yacht Party.
  • Catered meals wristbands are optional and can be purchased for P 1,000.00 per person. The catering consists of 3 meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please tell us how many meal wristbands you will need in the comments field.
  • Please fill out the registration form. You can also register and pay via OTC payment by calling us at (632) 587-4446. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hootsuite Pasig. A Photo Blog of the Event.

When I saw an announcement about this Hootup meeting, I immediately signed up because I knew there are still a lot of information about social media that I don't know.
The meet up was held at Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa in Pasig. 

Blogapalooza 2015

I came in the evening. I don't have much story to tell. Just check out some of the photos here:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Press Release: SEAFAIR 2015 An Extraordinary Outdoor Boat Show Exposition Launched

Sea-fair 2015 --- an extraordinary outdoor boat and yacht exposition in the Philippines has been launched to the media at SM by the Bay and aboard M/Y Shanti yacht.

The prestigious event - a spectacular gathering under one roof of every member of the boating, marine, and water sports enterprise in one extraordinary 2-day exposition will be held on December 5-6, 2015 at SM by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia showcasing the best of the maritime and nautical industry.

Legworks Events spearheads the annual festivities from which every member of the aforementioned industries are cordially invited to showcase their products and services, build a vast network web, and to give guests and visitors alike significant insight of this booming industry.

"Seafair 2015 will hold simultaneous events and water-related activities, which will allow participants and guests to feel and experience the awe of a marine lifestyle, said Eymare Bacasmas-Po, one of the organizer of the extraordinary boat show event.

A stack of fun and exciting activities like Yacht Cruises with private seminar sessions was lined up along the pristine waters of Manila Bay.

"One of the highlights of the event is the Seafair Poker Run. Boats of different make, outboard engine power and various hulls will compete in a game of chance completing three checkpoints and five poker cards to determine the best hand winner. Race will be from SM by the Bay to Corregidor completing a total of 52 nautical miles.

"Another highlight of the event will be the convergence of all the yachts to form in the middle of SM by the Bay Seaside area and shall have simultaneous cocktail parties where you could literally hop to each Yacht and enjoy its individually themed revelry. Yacht party shall ensue in the middle of the sea which culminates the night", added Geraldine Castillo, the assigned Marketing Head of the humungous event.

"A regatta competition which will bring some of the country's finest Regatta competitors shall be held together with a Dragon Boat competition, from which guests will have the chance to see the basics of Dragon Boating, a fastest growing sport from which the country is feared internationally after its recent slew of commendations garnered abroad", proudly added by Neo Patawaran, Craetive Director of Legworks.

We're bringing in water on-ground by holding simultaneous beach sports activities like the highly anticipated beach volleyball and beach tennis showcasing the national team players and top notch players in their respective fields.

Eymare Po, Account Manager of the event boasts about the Helicopter City Tour, which shall give guests an areial view of the event and the metro.

Also included i  the line-up of activities are the much-hyped Foam Party on ground and Sands by the Bay party with surprised well known DJ's paint the town red.

Peripheral activities include:

Display booths of the coolest water sport gear and accessories, the freshest nautical apparel and marine equipment will be displayed and purchased in this expo.

Food brands from our sponsors and exhibitors will also be part of this spectacle as well as sampling and hosting of luncheon to satisfy the gastronomic delights of the discriminating few.

For more information you may contact: Geraldine Castillo at 515-9903 / 587-4446, + 63 917 824 5025


Official Event email:
Office number(s): 515 9903, 587 4446, 0917 9500 948

Twitter: @Seafair'14

Account Manager
Contact Nos. : (02) 587 4446 / 0917509 9421

Creative Director
Contact Nos. : (02) 587 4446 / 0915 785 2762

Marketing In-Charge
Contact Nos.: (02) 587 4446 / 0917 824 5025
0925 803 7445