Monday, November 30, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch. Last Part.

Dana Decena
I don't really see myself doing video-blogging or vlogging. I'm not talkative. I've learned about vlogging through candymag years ago. I think it has been more than a decade when vlogging started. The title of this talk was "Taking a Step Towards Vlogging. The speakers were Dana Decena and Cristina Decena. I wouldn't knew them If this event didn't happen. They are behind the Youtube: Partners in Vogue . 

Things I learned from Dana:

-We should disclose that a brand we're using was sponsored to give credit to the brand. Be flexible with rates.
-Bring a business card when attending events. 
-Never open a loot bag because you cannot hide your facial reaction. 

Verniece and Vern, Heidi Nazarudin and Dana Decena answered few questions from the guests.
Bloggers Babes Asia in Manila participants/ attendees.
Thank you Clozette and Blogger Babes together with all the sponsors for making the event happened. 

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  1. Nakakajelly, gusto ko din umattend ng ganito lols xD natawa ako dun sa part na don't open the loot bag. Para hindi maoffend ang sponsors? Sabagay it also applies kapag Christmas exchange gift. Sana ganito palagi sis, share us some things na you have learned in attending different trainings/seminars.


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