Friday, November 20, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch Part 2

Blogging & Social Media Talk by Heidi Nazarudin, Blogger Babes Founder. Basically, she introduced herself first and how did she start in blogging. She's the person behind 

Blogging Platforms commonly use: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr/Typepad/Posterous and Others.
Blogging Stats. As stated in Heidi's research, there are 42M blogs in the world.
Number 1 Reason a blog fails. Not Spending enough time on BRANDING AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT.
So this is how to do branding of your blog. 

- Blog Design
- Photos/Graphics
- Social Media Channels
- Blog Voice/Style of Writing
-Your Style & Personality

There must be ONE KEY UNIFORM MESSAGE. Before creating your blog you must be certain of your style.
Riveting means interesting or fixing attention. Focus on your Niche & Amplify.

Visual Branding also known as Aesthetics.
Given example by Miss Heidi. The colors and fonts must be given attention.
Heidi gave an example of a business social media by a fashion brand. She pointed out the distinctiveness of the campaign for what's it is known for. 

Why Is Visual Design So Important? Admit it. We all like to look at things that are appealing to us. 
Blog Content Strategy. Discover Yourself.

Develop an Editorial Calendar & Schedule

Monetizing your blog.

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