Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch Part 3

Verniece Enciso and Vern Enciso seems every chinky-eyed girls peg. They are mistaken as twins but they're not. Vern is a year older than Verniece. They are inspirations to every girly-girl style of dressing up. 

Anyway, it was my first time to saw Vern in person. I've seen Verniece last year when I covered the Teenweek kickoff party at SMX Convention of SM Aura. I don't really religiously read their joined-blog. But sometimes whenever I visit their blog I get in touch with my girly side. They are popular in the Philippine fashion and lifestyle blogosphere maybe because of their unique styles and pretty faces. I think they are not shallow fashion bloggers because they sometimes share personal posts that you can relate.

The Things shared during the their TALK:

5 Things to Remember When Blogging

1. Everything Happens For A Reason.
2. Believe In Yourself.
3. Don't Expect to Get What You Want Right Away. You Have To Work For It.
4. Always Welcome Change.
5. Don't Copy. Be You.

5 Things We Need To Start A Blog:

1. A Good Camera.
2. A Decision On What Topic You'll Be Blogging About.
3. The Means To Invest On What You Want To Write Or Blog About. 
4. A WordPress account.
5. The Drive to Blog Constantly and Consistently.

5 Qualities We Need to Have As A Blogger

1. Authenticity
2. Patience
3. Creativity
4. Open-mindedness 
5. Kapal ng Mukha.

5 Negatives We Get As A Blogger:

1. Haters
2. Scammers
3. Spammers
4. The voice inside your head saying "I can't do that".
5. Bad Days

5 Things To Look Forward To

1. Your Dreams are Coming True. Even The Dreams You Didn't Know You Had.
2. Friends and Acquaintances From All Walks of Life.
3. Seeing Things and Places You Never Thought You'd Lay Your Eyes On.
4. Getting Paid by Just Doing What You Love.
5. The chance To Inspire A Few People To Follow Their Dreams As Well. 

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  1. This is so helpful. Someday I want to attend to one someday and get the chance to get their tips on hand. I might be able to meet you too. Hihi. More powers!

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  2. Hi. I nominated you for the Liebster award. :)



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