Sunday, November 15, 2015

CDO@40 Run For Odyssey Experience.

A week ago, I participated in the CDO@40 Run for Odyssey. It would have been my second time to a running race If I didn't let a situation or say tantrums (hahaha) dictated my supposed to be first running experience last year.
What was supposed to be my first run? The answer is here. I actually expected to see Jasmine Curtis to run with us (participants). She was not there. She's one of the endorser of Highlands corned beef (one of CDO products) together with James Younghusband. And I think I saw a poster days before the running event that she will run. I'm a bit disappointed ...waley! 

Photo taken during the press conference

Anyway, congratulations to all who participated and finished the running race categories they have joined. Because of your participation you were able to gave or be part of the feeding program of Foodsphere Inc. or CDO company for the malnourished and unfortunate kids. You were able to support other causes they also conduct like disaster rehabilitation. 

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