Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Conquering the 'Impossible' with Fruit and Football

While the idea of green living is nothing new, the accessibility of this unique and ideal lifestyle is something that only recently became a priority among today's generation of achievers in the Philippines. 

Nowadays, as more activities and brands promoting healthy living in well-rounded ways become a lot more accessible, people are able to further understand that living a healthy lifestyle isn't an exclusivist way of life but rather one that encourages everybody to pursue endeavors that satisfy the big picture.

Apart from preserving the greenery of nature around us, a healthy way of life also espouses the burgeoning desire of Filipinos to be well and fitter. As the number of health buffs in the country rise, so does the popularity of sports that show how fitness and fun can go hand-in-hand. This is where football comes to play. 

Recognizing the growing community of active achievers, Jamba Juice has been actively providing Filipinos with avenues to seamlessly pursue their passions while also following the aesthetics of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Since first launching in the Philippines in 2011, Jamba Juice has championed being the country's unrivaled provider of better-for-you beverages and snacks that give its patrons the healthy boost they need to stay fit and at the top of their game.

Jamba Juice is staging "Impossible Move Manila" as a nod to the legion of active achievers that have supported the brand for the longest time now, as well as a way to celebrate the ideals that the brand stands for. A special football workshop that engages up-and-coming athletes who want to further hone their talents and are up for a challenge, "Impossible Move Manila" pushes young achievers to go beyond the ordinary and conquer some the 'impossible'.

"Through 'Impossible Move Manila,' we want to show that through hard work, dedication, and collaboration, the seemingly impossible can be done excellently," said Max's Group, Inc. (MGI) Executive Vice President, Sharon Fuentebella.

During the event, participants were mentored by none other than national football team members Mark McMahon and Charlie Sutcliffe. Aside from this, both Mark and Charlie also strutted their stuff and wowed the crowd as they pulled off their own impossible moves.

To ensure that participants were properly fueled throughout the day, Jamba Juice served unique blends specially crafted by Mark and Charlie. At the end of the day, standout achievers got the chance to won an exclusive rewards, which include a year's worth of Jamba Juice!

"Impossible Move Manila is the beginning of a series of activities that we at Jamba Juice are pushing to motivate both budding and experienced athletes to keep nurturing their passions and striving for excellence," adds Fuentebella. "We want the Filipino society to celebrate opportunity to live healthy and live well, and we are here to join them and push them to do just that."

Marco Lobregat hosted the morning gathering at Jamba Juice Bonifacio High Street.
Ms. Sharon Fuentebella, Executive Vice President of Max's Group. 
Charlie Sutcliffe, Head coach of the Football game "Jamba Football Cup". 
Mark McMahon, Assistant coach

Charlie made his own "Sutcliffe shake". 
Grouping the young individuals before starting the football game.

Calling the goal keeper, middle defender and others.
Colorful bibs

 The game at The Turf BGC.

Visit Jamba Juice website and discover how Jamba Juice support healthy lifestyles not only through its delicious menu offerings but also through its advocacy of supporting activities anchored on fun, freshness and nature.

Disclaimer: Words aren't mine. But photos were taken by yours truly.

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