Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hootsuite Pasig. A Photo Blog of the Event.

When I saw an announcement about this Hootup meeting, I immediately signed up because I knew there are still a lot of information about social media that I don't know.
The meet up was held at Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa in Pasig. 
There were coloring pencils and picture of an owl given to each us enough to made us busy while waiting for others to come. And Zheyme, one of the organizer told us that there will be a prize for the most creative colored owl.

Some of the bloggers were familiar because I met them before in some bloggers gathering or media launch.
Me while holding a mask or the very popular hootsuite image, the owl.
The host was Omar. As the host said, "There were Hootup Manila, Hootup Baguio and now Hootup Pasig".
A few games to begin with and break the ice. The mechanics are  very simple. Pick a paper from the bowl. Read the sentence written on it aloud and answer the trivia question about social media. 

Firs speaker was Hana Abello who talked about Mastering the Art of Instagram for Business Success.
I don't want to type in some words from my notes because I'm too lazy. haha. And the reason why I indicated in the title of this post as a photo-blog.
To have a more engaging Instagram page/account you might want to consider what is said in the above photo for your business Instagram account.
Key takeaways from the Instagram topic for business owners.
2nd topic: Inside Out of Social Media by Florencio P. Jusay
-It is true that most posts are driven by emotions.
- Venting out will make you find an enemy or a confidant.
3rd, Discovering the Social Media Spectrum by David D'Angelo.

A short introduction about a happy product called Virile Max.

Hootsuite Mobile for Business Guide by Miss Valerie. I think I used to have an account of hootsuite 4 or 5 years ago and forgot about it.
PH Social Media by the Numbers by Jonel Uy.
Lastly, Sir Richard Mamuyac who found 10 wonderful things online aside from his wife.

The good thing about studying communication arts.
Writing Opportunities

Thank you so much Digital Circles and Hootsuite together with all the sponsors who made this meet up possible.

Sign up now on http://hootsuite.com to manage your social media accounts.

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