Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fitness First New You Achievement Overall Winner 2015

Demo Valmores, this year's Fitness First New You Achievement Award Over all winner lost a love and found another that didn't love him back. After ending a relationship, Demo packed his bags and went to La Union and did some soul searching. He fell in love with surfing and wanted to pursue it. However given the condition he was in, he was unable to keep up with the physically and mentally demanding sport. 

He knew that he needed to train at the club to help him gain strength and improve his balance. His personal trainer customized a workout program to prepare him before he hits the waves. They did a series of exercises on Demo's indo board to improve his balance. Body Combat and Body Plump classes were thrown into the mix together with weight lifting routines to work on  his core. 

Ever diligent in attending his weekday core training at Fitness First, he gradually built his strength and became increasingly confident to hit the waves during weekends. In less than 2 years of continuous training, Demo truly transformed and has become the multi-awarded winner that he is now, representing the country in local and international competitions. He has proven to the surfing community that gym training is pivotal to a surfer's success.
"We chose Demo because he was able to make a real difference in his personal life as well as his ability to inspire others to do the same. His exceptional achievement is a testament to the fact that anyone can change and achieve their personal goals with the right attitude and behavior. It takes a lot of discipline, determination and hard work but it certainly can be done. We've seen it countless times over the years and will definitely continue to see more." Eric Seegers, National Fitness Manager of Fitness First Philippines. " We are proud to announce Demo Valmores as the 2015 New You Achievement Award Overall winner."

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