Saturday, December 12, 2015


Sure, I enjoy posting press releases and getting some certain tokens after. But this blog is not a trash bin for press release posts only. Its purpose from the start was to promote local products but because I enjoyed new things accompanied by experiences brought by different brands that were not local and publicity relations companies, it lost its track. I've said this before. I can't just accommodate every press release sent to me. I'd like to put those in my interests like music, gadget, fashion and beauty. Of course! I have to be related with the topics. I'm not a Mommy Blogger but sure there's a kid at heart in me. So screening is necessary. 

I am running a 3 blogs right now. I just started a beauty blog and want to inclined fashion in it. There's a voice in every soul that you want to document yourself as you age.

 I hope PR people will see that you can't publish every press release they sent. 

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