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Manila Tour: Hotel Hopping Experience Part 1. Mabini Pension House and Lotus Garden Hotel

Thank you to EMBOA for this once in  a lifetime experience. I don't think I will experience this hotel/stay-cation hopping by my own free will and plan at this stage of my lifetime because of busyness and my duties/responsibilities to my family back home.

Once again, for those who don't know what is EMBOA? Ermita-Malate Business Owners Association Inc. (EMBOA). The association was formed to bring together business owners who are passionate about revitalizing and uplifting the Ermita-Malate area. 

The first place we visited was Mabini Pension. Let's define what is a Pension House first. According to Wikipedia ---  A Pension House is a type of guest house or boarding house. This term is typically used in Continental European countries, in areas of North Africa and the Middle East that formerly had large European expatriate populations, and in some parts of South America such as Brazil and Paraguay. Pensions can also be found in South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.
In contrast to bed and breakfasts, more usual in the United States, pensions typically offer not only breakfast, but also lunch,dinner and sometimes even tea. Rather than paying for the room and each meal separately, guests select a plan which either comprises overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (full pension) or the preceding minus the lunch.
These small businesses may offer special rates for travellers staying longer than a week, may be located in historic buildings, can be family-run, and are generally cheaper than other lodgings, such as hotels, although they offer more limited services.

Mabini Pension "A Home Away From Home"

Room Category

Easy Bed Room -                               P 680/ P 780/ P 880
Superior Room -                                P 1,800
Twin Beds w/ AC, TV, Bath -          P 1,500
Double Beds w/ AC, TV, Bath         P 1,300
Extra Person/ Bed                             P    350
Aircon w/ TV, share bath                  P 1,100

* check-in time anytime if room are available
*check-out time is 12:00 noon
* additional hours until 6 pm we charge half day
*advance payment upon check-in

Showing off what can you expect when you get in the place. 
Reception area
Mabini Pension Hallway or pasilyo in tagalog. 
A painting display on one of their wall and chairs. The wooden chair reminds me of a chair we had when I was little.
The place is very safe to stay in as you can see there's hanging clothes area after washed clothes during your stay here in Mabini Pension.

Additional Info:

Breakfast available upon request:

1. American Breakfast - 2 pcs. egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, boiled egg, bacon, bread jam, butter, coffee or tea.
P 200.

2. Breakfast - 2 pcs. egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, boiled egg, toast bread, jam, butter, coffee or tea.
P 150

3. Small Breakfast - 2 pcs. Bread, jam, butter, coffee or tea.

Free Wifi

 Mabini Pension is located at 1337 A. Mabini St. Ermita, Manila
Contact Numbers:
0905-493 0786
0928-777 0627
(+632) 523-3930/ 524-5404

Email Address:

Lotus Garden Hotel in Ermita was formerly known as Royal Palm Hotel. It belongs to the 3-star category hotel. It was built in 1984...hmmm...four years older than me. lelz!

Lotus Garden Hotel lobby and reception area.

One of the facilities that Lotus Garden Hotel offers is this Jacuzzi located in their basement area.

Executive Deluxe room.

Another room in Lotus Garden.

Thank you so much Lotus Garden Hotel staff for the warm welcome and hospitality.

Lotus Garden Hotel is very cozy and modern inspired. You won't feel like you wasted a single minute checking in their hotel.

1227 A. Mabini cor. Padre Faura Sts., Ermita, Manila, Philippines |
 T: (63 2) 522.1515 F: (63 2) 522.0768

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