Sunday, December 13, 2015

TOP PICK presents Own Christmas! A pre-holiday blogger's workshop.

This post has been in my draft for weeks na. The gathering happened last November 25, 2015 at Green Sun. Here's a photo blog entry.
I was just a proxy for  a fellow blogger Ate Lani.
We were treated to a buffet dinner by Green Sun chef.
Mister Archie Zapanta was the host that night.
Miss Elna De Guzman of Top Pick Advertising welcomed us.

Miss Tracy de Las Llagas for the gift wrapping techniques workshop.
Christmas gift wrapping by Miss Tracy and fellow blogger.
Basically you need:
- Gift wrapper (e.g cellophane and printed paper wrappers)
- Scotch tape
- Bow
- Wire

I wish there was a videographer during the demo. Although Miss Tracy was demonstrating it with explanations. But viewing it on a screen would be better.
Some techniques shared were tightening of ribbon to make it more artsy, adding ornaments, adding small christmas ball as a centerpiece of the tie, volumizing a wrapper of the cellophane..

I also learned that the sinamay of a bouquet of flowers can be used. So ladies when you received one keep the sinamay fabric.

Christmas party won't be complete without raffles.

First raffle up! Goldilocks packages.
A cooking demo was showed by EL REAL Pasta. There was an AVP. Of course! Everyone knows the kiddie endorser of EL REAL.

Chef Carol with Orlee Pasion. Just acquainted with this man recently. lol


1kg                  EL Real Healthy Spaghetti
8 cloves         Chopped Garlic (medium)
1 pc                 Chopped White Onion (medium)
1 pc                 Roasted Green Bell Pepper (Julienne)
500g               Peeled Shrimps      
400g               Canned Sundried Tomato Pesto
1/3 cup           Diluted Beef Stock
½ tbsp.           Dried Basil
2/3 tbsp.         Dried Oregano
5.5 tbsp.         Olive Oil
1 tsp.               Salt
¼ tsp.              Pepper
6.5 tbsp.         Parmesan Cheese

EL REAL Spaghetti packages
The finish product of the cooking demo.
EL REAL Chacha dance

Another raffle by EL REAL.
 Chacha dance by EL REAL contest. Fun!
Another raffle by EL REAL. Krystal won. It was meant for her because it was her birthday week that time.

Lia the Mascot by La Filipina danced the dessert song by Dawin.

Representative From La Filipina.
Raffle by La Filipina

Representative from Myphone.

There was a raffle. And this guy won a new model by Myphone. Lucky huh! He just accompanied his girlfriend blogger.

AVP by Kyani Nitric oxide

Arjay Yano of Top Pick Advertising expressed his gratitude to all bloggers who attended.

Thank you Top Pick and Sponsors. 

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