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Launch of fitness tools BioScore and CustomFit coincide with the premiere of Fit for Fashion Season 2 to inspire viewers to start their own transformations

Philippines, 12January 2016 – Ever wondered how old your body really is, compared to your chronological age? Well, now you can find out! Fitness First continues to build on its reputation as the fitness leader with the launch of BioScore, a bespoke health and fitness assessment which determines your biological or ‘fitness age,’ compared to your real age.

Unlike other health fitness assessments, BioScore doesn’t look at bodyweight or body fat percentage, but instead, focuses on other key metrics. Conducted by a trained specialist, the BioScore assessment comprises a series of health and fitness tests, and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, in order to obtain a more holistic picture of a person’s health:
·         Health test: This element of the test looks at the status of key vital statistics including height to waist ratio, lung function and blood pressure.
·         Fitness test: This element includes a series of short and simple exercises to assess aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility, agility and core endurance. Exercises include a TRX row, standing jumps, core endurance drills, hexagonal agility, and a 500 m row.
·         Lifestyle test: This element goes beyond the physical with a questionnaire that looks at lifestyle choices in and out of the gym, such as nutrition, stress levels, sleep and drinking habits to build a bigger picture of one’s health.

Once the assessment has taken place, results from all three tests will be analysed to determine one’s BioScore – a number which will either be higher or lower than one’s actual age. A person’s BioScore is the difference between the biological age and actual age, and this will be either a plus (+) or a minus (-) score displayed in years. For example, a person whose actual age is 33 years old, but whose assessment scores result in him or her being 30 years old will have a BioScore of -3.

Simon Flint, CEO of Fitness First Asia, said, “The BioScore assessment is a great tool for anyone interested in wanting to know how they can improve their fitness, or anyone wanting a starting point before setting off on his or her fitness journey. It takes a holistic approach, looking at someone’s lifestyle rather than just how many times they exercise each week. Based on the results of this assessment, you have a deeper knowledge of your fitness and health, without relying solely on physical appearance as a gauge. Following this, you can then develop a realistic strategy and action plan in order to improve your BioScore.”

One way to do this is through using the cutting edge CustomFit app, the other proprietary tool that Fitness First is making available to the public in January for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

A unique digital training system, CustomFit has been designed by Fitness First’s very own experts around the Theory of Intrinsic Motivation1, to help users to develop their intrinsic motivation to get fit. It features a library of over 800 exercises (with video content) and a Fitness LogicTM system, which will get to know users’ preferences and deliver a set of inspiring personalized workouts to their phones. Through CustomFit, users will be able to track, analyze and share their progress, while comparing their Personal Bests with other likeminded people via leaderboards – anytime, anywhere. It will also be able to collect data such as steps, weight and height from any devices that push data to Apple Health and Google Health, and collect its own data such as workout frequency and length, as well as calories burned, which users can use to fine tune their fitness programs.

“CustomFit is easy to use – all you need to do to get started is to answer four simple questions ranging from your fitness goals to your experience level. CustomFit will then generate a selection of personalized workouts, based on those preferences. 200 of the exercises available in CustomFit will be bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment, so users can workout at home or in the park. We know that in today’s busy life there may be occasions where going to the gym isn’t always feasible, so we want to provide tools and content that will allow people to stay the course, both inside and outside the gym.”

“If you’ve done your BioScore assessment and are working with a personal trainer to improve that score and turn back the clock, he or she will be able to use CustomFit to create a customised programme that you can take with you wherever you are,” Flint continued.

Members of the public will be able to see how BioScore and CustomFit play a role in measuring the progress of the contestants on Season 2 of Fit for Fashion, the first of its kind television reality show that combines fitness and fashion and aims to encourage viewers to start their own transformation journeys. In conjunction with the premiere of Season 2 which will air on StarWorld South East Asia on 7 January and 13 January on StarWorld Philippines, users of CustomFit will be able to access premium content in the form of the Fitness First 10-week Get Fit Program.

“The Fitness First 10-week Get Fit Program was created to provide viewers with a taste of what the Fit for Fashion contestants go through, and reflects each of the show’s weekly themes. We hope that by watching Fit for Fashion, viewers will be inspired to kick start their own fitness journeys, and this Program will help them get started,” explained Flint.

The workouts, which increase in intensity over the course of the 10 weeks, is supplemented by a nutrition plan created by a licensed dietician, which members of the public can access on the Fit for Fashion website (

“BioScore, CustomFit, the Fitness First 10-week Get Fit Program and Fit for Fashion are all born out of our in-depth fitness expertise and knowledge, befitting our reputation as the fitness leaders. Everyone wants to be healthier, and live a happier life full of confidence and vitality; there’s always room to improve your fitness levels and push yourself to go further than you thought you ever could. We hope that the tools and expertise we’ve made available will help people do so and turn back the clock. It’s never too late to make a start, and what better time to start than the new year!” Flint concluded.

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  1. Testing gives your some guidance and motivation in your training. It also increases your mental strength


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