Tuesday, January 19, 2016

StyLIZed book, Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano? book and Paano Ba' To? book. My Insights and Take

styLIZed by Liz Uy which I intentionally bought. Dear Alex, Break na Kami. Paano? Love, Catherine by Alex Gonzaga which I got from my sister's wedding.  Paano Ba 'To? How to Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzales which I got for free as a blogger.

This entry isn't some kind of a book review blog post. A feature...maybe yes. My insights... hmmm...yes.

I - styLIZed. Liz Uy's Ten Style Essentials

When I've learned that Liz Uy started her fashion career at the age of 22, it made me looked back while I was at that age. I got a lot of reminders or questions from my Mother with what I really want to do with my life during that time. 

III - Paano Ba 'To?! How To Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzales


Q&A 15 pg. 6

Measure your own accomplishments by charting your own improvement instead of basing it on someone else's achievements.

Q&A pg. 7

Be 100% invested in where you are to be successful in whatever you are doing... It is up to you make it work.


Q&A 12 pg 23

Some may come off as too strong and feeling superior as a defense mechanism to hide their low self-

Life changing move
pg 47 by AissaGonzales

Career & Money

Q&A 1

Think of what you love doing, think of what you are more good at and think of the opportunities presented to you.

Q&A 2

Take side jobs, try workshops, network with different people, search online --- there are so many possibilities. If the opportunities are not being given to you, create opportunities.


... it is to add value to your boss.


we need to seize those opportunities. Whatever..


If it makes CENTS to you, it makes sense to do!

It's not always a sign of progress to be promoted.

page 65 Handle Your Money

page 66 Prioritize Saving Over spending.

page 67 Saving up for a goal.


10 Focus on what you can do now...

Fashion & Beauty

8 Kailang..


7 How Do I Keep the Passion





Page 120 3 Questions with Atom Araullo


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