Sunday, April 3, 2016

Life Lately. A Week Ago. Lenten Week

I don't want to think that every time the heat season strikes AKA as summer season, drama or crisis would always arrived and knocked at the door. I missed the Cosmo Summer Party last month. Although I registered early when they announced it (cosmo team) on their social media, I decided to stay at home. I always wanted to go in that kind of party before I turned 20. Char! Wala pang cosmo summer nun. My first taste of magazine events party was during my candy days. I was able to experienced Seventeen magazine party too for UAAP related theme but I was still in high school back then. 

My Lenten week has been pretty crazy-anxious-busy ...lost for words. I was 'lil emotional. Still wrong decisions in the past lingered. 

Holy Wednesday. Worked in a coffee shop in The Fort to do my backlog entries and do some typing of contract.

Sister and her hubby visited. This was their pasalubong. Don't need to go further details about their visit. 

Snap chat was my way too not overthink things that going on. A way to amuse.

Maundy Thursday - Spent only at home with family. The type written I made was not approved by mi madre. So the following day...

Good Friday. I decided to go at my sister's home. I waited for almost two hours in Green Field District before I got a go signal to came to where they live. Wendy's was where I hangout first and decided to move to another where I ended up in Mcdo.  

We did some typing of contracts. Unfortunately their printer didn't work. When I came home, the parents were disappointed. They were expecting  hard copies done. 

Still snapping :p

Black Saturday came. It was more than a month when I was asked If  I can join the block screening of  Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thanks to Krizia :) My sister and Kuya Vlad joined me. 

It was my first time in Podium Cinema so a selfie was a must. Lol.
Thanks to Bacchus and Earl Yu for the tickets. We had a blast!
Dinner after the block screening at SM Megamall Project Pie branch. Will make a separate post for that. 

Easter Sunday. Thanks to my colleagues in Tesda for this get together. Jane's birthday celebration. (Left Side)

Indeed a very memorable Lenten week. Lesson learned: Keep everything light no matter how dark the clouds are above us. Chos!

Real lesson that week: Pray and do your part to solve the problem. 

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