Tuesday, April 12, 2016

World Sleep Day 2016. Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream.

Would you believe that I only started to sleep late back when I was seventeen turning eighteen? I was already working back then. My first job was as s service crew of a well-known fast food chain in the world. I posted about the campaign last month here.  This year theme as I mentioned in the title of this entry "Good Sleep is a reachable dream". This year slogan would like to remind us the importance of sleep.

Sleep is essential part in everyone's existence because we spend a third of our life in it to repair our body. If we neglect to spend less time in it many consequences will follow. I bet you know the sickness or disorders that will happen. For example: unable to function well because the body feels tired. 

 Uratex or Multiflex RNC Philippines supports the campaign to promote good sleep.
Some of the best care beds from Uratex.

Sleep apnea has been reported on at TV Patrol lately. 

I first learned about sleep apnea during the (March 18, 2016) World Sleep Day campaign symposium held by PSSM. It was their 10th annual symposium.

Sleep Medicine in the Philippines. What is it?

Sleep Medicine is a group of specialist trained in treating sleep disorders. They are mainly composed of Pulmonologist, Neurologist, ENT, Psychiatrist and Pediatricians who have special interest in the process of sleep. Not known to many, sleep medicine first arrived in the country in 1992. It is one of the youngest specialty field in Medicine around the world. And even though it has been in the country for more than two decades, a lot of people and yes, even doctors still get surprised that such a specialty exist. The same is true for our neighboring ASEAN countries, sleep medicine is slowly picking up. This 2017, the Philippines will be hosting the 4th ASEAN Sleep Medicine Congress. It aims to foster research and collaboration amongst our neighboring countries whom we share similar cultures and habits that are particular in this part of the world. Sleep is universal but our cultures has some impact on our behavior towards it. 

During the symposium I've learned that:

- Sleep varies or different in every individual.
* some are short sleeper
*some people tends to sleep long
*some are early sleeper
*some are late sleeper

- Ages 18 to 70 needs to sleep 7 to 9 hours

- Most babies sleep 12 hours

- Some do not get fat if they lack of sleep just by observing their lifestyle. Talks about their physical activities.

- The best time to sleep is when your body says so. You can feel it.

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