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PISOBAKUNA: Teachers As Ambassadors of Vaccination.

History of Glovax Biotech Corporation

Glovax started in 2003 with a capital of only P 80,000 which were earned from the wedding gifts of Mr. Giovanni C. Alingog, a CPA by profession and his wife who happens to be a pediatrician, Doc Geraldine Quijano-Alingog. They sold duplicates items that they received as gifts such as toasters and microwaves. 

Glovax was founded because Doc Geraldine kept nagging back then about vaccines not being available or not being delivered on time. "I am sure many of our doctor friends have experienced that a few decades ago", says Mr. Alingog. Because of that social problem then, Mr. Giovanni was prompted to found a solution. 

They found out that not only vaccines were not being delivered on time but worst, vaccines were not available then. And they were very expensive. Mr. Alingog looked back and wondered if vaccines were not available because they were expensive or they were expensive because unavailability. It was the time when Mr. Alingog was hit by the idea or mission to found out and provide solution as to why vaccines were not available and why they were expensive then. 

The calling was heard and felt to came up with a solution. Because if he didn't, his wife might be nagging to him until this day. LOL. 

Mr. Giovanni Alingog took time to find the best solutions then. He was on a quest: To make vaccines available anytime, accessible and affordable to everyone. He recalled that they were successful in some and not so much on others.

Attendees of the launch were from USAID, LGT, KRR, ACT-Teachers Party List, Bank Partners Officials and fellow members of the media. 

Glovax is a social enterprise. Mr. Alingog explained what is a social enterprise. According to Wikipedia, it is an organization or a business that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being --- this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits. What differentiates social enterprise is that their social mission is at the core of their success as any potential profit. "In the case of Glovax, we value first our social mission before our profitability. I think that sets us apart, that is why many of you are here to support our social mission, which is to increase the vaccination rate", says Alingog. He further added, " We need to have businesses with a heart and also a sustainable one-- profitable one". 

Glovax has established 10 branches across Luzon. Over the years, it has sold more than 5 million doses of vaccines. Imagine that...come to think of it...five million diseases prevented and could roughly translate to 2 million lives saved from deadly diseases. 

Throughout the years further improvement on the availability of vaccines by importing vaccines that are no longer imported by big pharmaceutical companies as those are already old vaccines.Those companies then focused on developing new ones. They were able to sold those vaccines 25% less than the leading brand thereby making it affordable to the low income families. As time goes by, we discover more and more problems in healthcare especially in vaccination that is why we sought to have more partnerships with other organizations, shares Alingog.

The first project was called Curing Poverty Through Vaccinations --- in 2008, Glovax partnered with National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV). The project was created to make people aware about the dangers and risk of contracting diseases such as meningococcemia, meningitis and pneumonia. With this project , at least 133,000 individuals were vaccinated for free. "We did it one by one, mostly in remote areas. With that, we were awarded by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) a special achievement award in community service. Of course, we could have not done it without our partners in vaccinations such as the Rotary Club, PICPA and some local government units". 

A social enterprise would not be profitable without the help of organizations such as USAID (guarantor of P 50 million loan with Security bank), Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (Compete) Project, KKR Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company a global private equity firm, helped Glovax become investment ready by assessing our business, and helping us create a strategy for growth and write it down in an extensive business plan with financial modelling, which were used in all submissions of bank loans and other funding application. LGT, PLDT, VOYAGER, ROPALI Motorcycles, PR Savings Bank, Fisher Mall, JCI, PHILIPPINE PUBLIC SCHOOL-Teachers Association. 

Mr. Steve Okun of KKR, Head of PR for Asia Pacific.

Some of the teachers, Partners, Mr. and Mrs. Alingog. 

Today, Glovax is proud to introduce their latest project which is the PisoBakuna Project. Piso literally mean one peso. The concept is to  make vaccinations so affordable that it is available to everyone and there is nothing cheaper than P 1. By giving vaccinations at a cost of only P 1 a day, starting with the flu vaccination. Hopefully someday, other vaccines will be able to be provided at this low rate. 

But for now, Glovax is the only company providing installment payment for all other vaccinations. Though, P 1 A DAY INSTALLMENT payment for other vaccines isn't close, this is the good start.  Glovax has provided many seminars and awareness campaigns in the past to our countrymen. Now, its is for us to realize that vaccinations IS NOT ONLY FOR THE RICH. 

I hope the message of PisoBakuna is clear that vaccinations can be accessible by making it affordable and available. To this date, 150 Doctors and clinics have signed up to this advocacy to make vaccinations universal and accessible to everyone. You can see this poster in their clinics in Metro Manila. 

The company also came up with a kiosk to put in malls and in schools to provide access to teachers. To this date, Fisher Mall believes in the advocacy and has now the kiosk.

The teachers were chosen as ambassadors for this awareness campaign because little did I know that spreading of diseases happens when classes start. So today, Teachers will get to pay only P 360 for the flu vaccination so that they will be encouraged to vaccinate and that they can spread the good word that vaccines are affordable. The teachers can download the Teachers Discount App wherein all other products are available at a discount. The capacity as of now is only for the first 100,000 teachers that could get vaccinated at this very low price. 

There is also an installment payment plan for Dengue vaccine which can go as 36 months to really make it affordable and accessible to everyone. We all know how deadly the Dengue disease is and even deadlier is the price of the vaccine itself :D With this installment plan, the vaccinations was made universal for everyone. The promo for the Dengue vaccine is only P 500 a month. Now, low income families can afford their preventive healthcare needs. 

Here some photos in the course of the events.

Fellow blogger Rej who had avail of the free vaccine that day. I didn't 'cos I was not feeling comfortable. I just had my period that day. Another fellow blogger had availed of the vaccine and told me that there's no implications or bad effects if I had vaccinated even if I have my period.  I was just really feeling uncomfortable to be vaccinated. I know that I missed the protection that it will give me a year. All of the attendees of the event, were free from charge of the vaccinations.

Oh Robin or Robyn hosted the event. Met her before here in this event.

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