Saturday, June 11, 2016

First Education Summit, Fashion and Environment

Last June 5, 2016, blogger conference was held at Cafe Ysabel for the First Education Summit. I have issues about education. If you're following me on twitter... you know my regret tweets. 

Mr. Anton Magpantay of ArtisteSpace welcomed us. He shared their upcoming events. 

Speakers that day were Madam Lilia Digna Rosales, President of Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP)  AND FORMER PUP President Dr Dante Guevarra. 

At first, I didn't know that there will be a speaker from fashion industry. When I got invited,  what I know was it would be focused only on education summit. How blogging has brought me to Fashion pillars! Remember when I met the Dean of the Philippine Fashion Industry? Read about it here . 

Before Ma'am Lilia started her talk with us, Sir Anton let us introduced ourselves one by one. We gave our name, blog niche, what we do in life. From there, Ma'am Lilia learned that we are not into fashion or into fashion blogging. A matter of fact we all do somehow but not focus on that subject matter because we all consider ourselves as lifestyle bloggers. 

"Fashion is not frivolity, but a way of life". - Ms. Rosales stressed out. It’s really a way of life and people just don’t see it like that. 

Ms. Rosales stated that today's Filipino designers studied fashion abroad. 

So how does fashion and environment will translate into a new dimension of change? Ma'am Digna, the fashion industry brings job to the Filipinos. From sewers, cutters, bead makers to the designers, etc - these people make use of sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and naturally approved. As a short course dressmaking graduate, I knew this employment opportunities.  

Last May 20, Fashion Designers of the Philippines (FDAP), in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. (FHFI) and SM Megamall, Metamorphosis featured a variety of pieces made by Filipino designers, from the usual ternos (butterfly sleeved dresses) to street wear with a Filipino twist. Thirty designers worked on the fashion show, while 20 participated the exhibit which was on view last May 22.

Dr. Dante Guevarra, hmmm... looking at his profile as a former President of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the time he was on the position reminds me of the time of my college when I joined an umbrella organization/ arm organization of a religious institution. 

He has published several books:

- A Bravemen's Odyssey, 2015

- Selected Writings on Education, 2007

- Magsasaka sa Pilipinas, 1993

- Unyonismo Sa Pilipinas, 1992

- History of the Philippine Labor Movement, December 1991

- Dreams and Visions - Prose Poems, 1991

- Manggagawa Sa Kasaysayan, 1990

Dr. Guevarra said that majority of the people who have designed our present curriculum are theorists and those that have no practical teaching experience and therefore could not understand the reality of the situation inside the campuses.

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