Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cafe Taverna and Taverna Catering

If you are not mindful of tarpaulins, posters or signboards, (just like me) before entering the Felicidad Mansion, you wouldn't know that there's a cafe inside the place. I didn't know that there's a cafe and never ever cross off my mind during my first time. Thank God I came to the celebration last night. 

(Just one of the corners inside the Cafe Taverna)
Cafe Taverna

Sophisticated. Charming. Cozy. Elegant. 

This cafe offers all day breakfast, pasta, rice, sandwiches, different kinds of sinigang, desserts, shakes, juices, hot beverages like coffee and tea, appetizers, steaks, vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, seafood and fish.

Miss Marie.

Fit for small gatherings of 50 pax. 

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Open from 10 AM -10 PM. Monday to Sunday.

Taverna Catering

In-house caterer of Felicidad Mansion, Rina felt at home and comfortable putting up the cafe and tying up with the event place because there was a pleasant connection when she came to this place for the first time. The commissary of their catering services is in Malolos, Bulacan. And in that area they have a restaurant called Bahay na Tisa. 

How they did become the in-house caterer of Felicidad Mansion?
Rina's sister-in-law is a chef. She was offered by Felicidad to be one of the caterer. She's not yet oriented yet for catering services. She's into consultancy. She's actually a partner. In other words, Rina's sister-in-law referred her to the Felicidad owners. 

They decided to invest because it is along the area of Quezon city. Their other restaurant (Bahay na Tisa) is slightly Mediterranean while Felicidad is European. "We were blessed to be prioritized". said Aniag. 

Andrei Arlo and Rina Aniag of Cafe Taverna and Taverna Catering.

Rina makes the menu while Andrei enhances the menu and gives ideas. Andrei graduated from Business Management course. Since he is the only child, he needs further studies to manage the food business so he is going to study culinary in the next year or  two abroad. "The competition is tough. You must not only be good in cooking. You must also study plating" Madam Aniag shared. 

Normally on a function or catering the client chooses. They do international cuisines. They do suggestions also to match the clients preference. 

The restaurant started in 1981. It is the mother of Rina who opened it because she is pond of cooking. It is a rest-house in Bulacan. 

- They did catering for the opening of BINGO FILIPINO back then. (5000 guests)
- Erap's birthday back then.
- Catered for Gloria Arroyo.

They don't do advertising. They are privilege to have connections with big names or personalities. Another thing about their catering services is that they do styling and production design. 

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