Monday, September 12, 2016

Royale Business Club. A destination for Beauty, Health Opportunity and Wealth.

I first learned about Royale Business Club through a Facebook group called Taping/Go-see/Audition/Contest. There were some posts promoting different products and their effectiveness. Last September 10, I grabbed the opportunity to know more about the company. The recruitment also crossed off my mind knowing that it is a network-marketing company. Miss Jazel welcomed us bloggers and clarified that there would be no recruitment that would transpired. Because there were some who didn't show up. 

Royale Business Club objective is to help the distributors on how to become healthy inside and out. Their distributors use before and after comparision photo to promote their products.

Introduction of products and about the company. 

They tour us in their office building after the talk. They have their own creative production team, IT, Canteen, and other office departments. 
The gym
The conference room. 
The VIP room. Sorry no whole shot of the area just this side. 
There is a mini bar in the VIP room. 

Royale products below. 

The cosmetics line has the ingredients of vitamins, oxidants (mostly) and anti-inflammatory.

Their coffee have different benefits like lower cholesterol and reduce blood sugar level. 

The Royale products promises to make skin healthy, beautiful, smooth, radiant and glowing. In order to do that, you must know your skin type to know what is suitable for you. All of the products are BFAD approved. With different market reach from home to office, adult to children. To make more specific about the classification of the products there are low-end to high end. 

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