Saturday, October 15, 2016

Part 2: AgeWell Club

Mr. Barry Barrientos talked about the Advocacy on Embracing Aging

Sorry that I posted this late. AgeWell was born for holistic care to embrace aging. The first part post was here. Click the link (first part). 

There was a quiz before the talk. And I found myself ticking on all the mentioned choices or answers. Might share about it in the future about the result of the quiz. 


- Membership to the AgeWell Club requires the payment of membership fee that will be good for 12 months.

- The membership fee may be paid in full or may be paid partially in 3 amounts, as long as completion of amount is within 3 months from sign up.

- Full benefits of AgeWell Club may only be enjoyed once the membership fee is fully paid. Partial payments will only be entitled to attending 3 learning sessions.

- Renewal of membership requires payment of the annual fee, and is necessary to continue enjoying the benefits.

- Benefits may only be enjoyed by the member and are not transferable.

- AgeWell Club is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards and a charge will apply for the replacement of the membership card.

- Membership may be cancelled/refused to individuals by AgeWell Club at its discretion if teh member is deemed to be fraudulent, linked to a fraudulent activity, or engages in derogatory, immoral, and unethical behavior with or towards other club members and representatives of AgeWell Club. 

- AgeWell Club reserves the right to change the benefits and terms anytime without notice. Terms will be updated on the website.

- Consent is given to AgeWell club and its partner agencies to communicate with members via different methods (print, digital, mobile, personal) for updates and other information. 

Some of the benefits below and activities when a senior citizen joins the AgeWell Club.

Membership fee is P 1,000. 
Check out for updates.

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