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NUTRIFAB Pickled Plum and Press Release: Uno Premier

Last December 28, 2016, Filipino Bloggers Network was held. I was fortunately got picked in the raffle and won a pack of Nutrifab from Uno Premier. What is Nutrifab? See below facts.

So the instructions given or shared by the sponsor was: 

you can take 1 an hour before you eat lunch or dinner. After which drink at least 1-2 glasses of warm water.
You will poop after 2 meals. So if you eat it b4 lunch, you will poop after dinner. Check nyo muna sked nyo ng pag-alis. Once a day going defecate.
Initial reaction would be rumbling of your tummy, so be ready and go to the cr na.
To those who want to diet, i suggest eat one everyday for 10 days. Do a weigh-in scale before to see if there will be really a weight loss. 1 box is not enough if you are obviously have lots of fats. You will lose your excess body fluids first b4 you will lose excess fats/flabs.
First 2 days, lots of toxins will be released, so expect either watery or solid or both. If mahilig ka sa unhealthy food, expect to lose more.

My Father actually opened a sachet first before me. We thought that it should be put in a cup of hot water and just wait for it to be dissolved. But hell no, it is like a candy. Above instructions was shared late. lol. We opened the pack the night before the new year --- (December 31, 2016). I actually didn't like the taste. But if you really want to lose wait and this opportunity was given to you grab it! Follow the instructions religiously. 

We didn't notice the instructions at the back of the box.  I took one nutrifab plum sachet last January 15,2017 before 6 PM.  I went out  of the house for an errand. Guess what? It made me defecated before 12 midnight. 

Being Nourished Is Beautiful
UNO Premier, 15 January 2017 – UNO is known to constantly focus on innovation of new health products and services to help contribute to the health, beauty, and welfare of our society. We won’t settle for anything less than excellence. 
About UNO Premier
UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that derived its innovative business model from a very long history and foundation of leadership, management and entrepreneurial vision. UNO Premier’s mother company, UNO, started rising 10 years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing Industry like rapid fire. It became a network marketing sensation and has created over a thousand Philippine millionaires in less than a decade's time and has expanded in over 100 offices across the country.
From the foundation of UNO comes the birth of UNO Premier. UNO Premier is specifically designed to engage the International Market and the like-minded middle class professionals as well as business owners in the micro, small and medium scale enterprises. These are the passionate individuals who are constantly exploring means and opportunities to increase their sources of income. UNO Premier is poised as the next big International giant to create the next wave of millionaires.

Board of Directors

(L-R) Mr. Herbie Chua, Mr. William Barbo, and Mr. Oliver Chua

Mr. William Barbo
From a very young age, he was able to put himself through school as a working  student and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. After finishing college, he was unable to find a job in the Engineering field so was forced to work as a bartender to make ends meet.  Five years later, he stumbled upon Network Marketing. For the next Seventeen (17) years, he not only learned the trade but became the most well-known Top Earner and respected leader of the industry.  His vision and love for Network Marketing became the prelude to establishing his mother company, UNO, 10 years ago. His business expertise and leadership skills made him an outstanding personal relations expert and business developer. Not only was he recognized as one of the industry’s most prominent network marketers but a true icon of success and accomplishment because of the phenomenal growth of UNO. As President and Co-owner of UNO, he has set the pace for one of the most accomplished Network Marketing companies in the nation today.  With his vision, creativity and hard work, UNO has created more millionaires than any local companies in the Philippines in such a short span of time.

Mr. Herbie Chua
Having a businessman's blood running through his veins, he chose to put up an automotive buy and sell business. Just like any traditional business, profit gain is not always sure. His in-laws introduced network marketing to him. At first, he was doubtful but the huge profit that could be earned in such a small capital enticed him to try it out. This changed his view that in order to earn big, one must invest big and prepare him for the risk of bankruptcy. Holding on to his determination to regain his family's wealth, since his father died, he started doing network marketing. Through training, he enabled himself to grow his network in spite of his shy personality. Today, he is now among the Three Aces in Network Marketing industry and one of the Board of Directors of UNO.

Mr. Oliver Chua
Oliver started his early career working his way up the corporate ladder. Later he teamed up with his brother, Herbie, and became involved in the network marketing industry. Oliver learned the trade, and became an outstanding leader, not only leading by example but also learning the daily ins and outs of running a multi-million dollar corporation. Today, his expertise has been magnified and can be seen through the astonishing achievement and growth of UNO. His business expertise has not only laid the foundations for the solid prosperous growth of the company but has also changed countless lives nationwide. UNO today has attained various levels of recognition and is ranked as the number as the number one network marketing company in the Philippines. Today, Oliver continues to be the Chief Cornerstone of UNO operations and is now taking on its next adventure—UNO Premier. 

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