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Press Release: ​ONE Championship chairman ope​ns ​possibilities of holding event outside Metro Manila

Hi, here's another update from One Championship. Let's toast for future plans and events here in the Philippines :)

Considered as the frontrunner of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the Asian region, ONE Championship has become a staple of the growing local combat scene in the Philippines since its first venture on the country's shores in 2012.

It has held nine of its last 52 events at locations such as the historic Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City and the state-of-the-art SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

When ONE Championship struck a lucrative broadcasting deal with ABS-CBN in 2016, it paved the way for the Asian brand of MMA to be viewed by millions of Filipinos on free television.

Company chairman Chatri Sityodtong revealed that the Philippines is one of ONE Championship's primary destinations in its yearly multinational itinerary.

"The Philippines is one of our biggest markets because the fans in the country are just so passionate about mixed martial arts,” he said.

“The country is a very important market for us. I truly believe that ONE Championship can become mainstream where every single Filipino is enthralled with what ONE Championship has to offer,” Sityodtong added.

Sityodtong bared ONE Championship’s plans of extending its reach in the archipelago by staging an event outside Metro Manila.

“Our operations team has looked at various stadiums across the Philippines. We’ve scouted places that could meet our standards in terms of size and quality. I will not be surprised if in the future, we will see more events in the Philippines, not just Manila but in other cities,” he stated.

According to Sityodtong, one of ONE Championship’s target destinations outside Metro Manila is Cebu City.

"We're looking at Cebu City as a possible future destination," he quipped

Cebu City is no stranger to sporting events as it hosted numerous blockbuster boxing cards in the past.

Meanwhile, fans from Baguio City are clamoring for a ONE Championship event to be held in the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” as its hometown hero Eduard Folayang currently reigns as the ONE Lightweight World Champion.

Sityodtong is not closing the doors on the possibility of hosting a stacked card in Baguio City in the future.

“We are open to all options definitely. I don’t want make any announcement or prediction right now, but there is a possibility,” he stressed.

ONE Championship returns to the Philippines for the tenth time on 21 April, with Folayang defending the ONE Lightweight World Championship title for the first time against a yet-to-be-determined opponent in the main event.

“Eduard Folayang is going to defend the ONE Lightweight World Championship in his home country for the first time. I want the entire country, if you’re a Filipino or have a Pinoy heart, you’ve got to watch this fight,” Sityodtong invited.

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Press Release: Richard Corminal: An OFW fulfilling a ​longtime dream to compete in MMA

Good evening! Sharing with you a true story from One Championship, the largest sports media in Asian history.

Every year numerous Filipinos leave their homeland in search for greener pastures abroad, with the goal of getting a decent job so as to provide their families with comfortable lives.

With the idea of better opportunities in other countries, many take the risk. In exchange for money, they trade separation from their family and loved ones, and often, even their dreams.

Richard Corminal is no different from a regular overseas Filipino worker because he gave up his dream to become a mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete in order to give his household a better life.

Corminal had always wanted to be an MMA fighter, more so as he watched the exciting sport on television during its renaissance in the early 2000’s.

“When I saw an MMA bout for the first time, I got hooked. It was exciting, and it’s something different. There are a lot of options to win and weapons to utilize,” he recalled. “From that moment on, I knew I wanted​ to be an MMA fighter.”

His obsession with MMA led him to learn the martial art of Muay Thai, which served as his basic foundation.

Corminal was on his way to becoming an MMA fighter when he was forced to leave the Philippines to work abroad to be his family’s breadwinner.

“It was a tough decision to make, but I have a family to support. They are my top priority. I chose to work abroad and try to give them a good life,” Corminal shared.

Corminal took the job of a Muay Thai trainer at MuayFit, which is one of the premier MMA gyms in Malaysia.

Slowly, Corminal relinquished his dream of becoming a professional MMA competitor and became content in being a Muay Thai instructor at MuayFit.

However, the gym proprietor whom he worked for took notice of his exceptional talent and gave him a new lease to revive and fulfill his dream.

“MuayFit gave me the chance to fulfill my dream to become an MMA fighter. I’m so grateful for that opportunity,” Corminal said.

Starting his MMA journey

When Corminal got into intensive training, it was not a walk in the park for him because there were numerous martial arts disciplines that he needed to master due to the multi-faceted aspect of MMA.

Even though Corminal bit the bullet with every test, the people around him did not repress to lend their helping hands.

Corminal trained with ONE Championship athletes such as Eric and Edward Kelly, who once worked as trainers at MuayFit and represented the Malaysian MMA training facility in their respective bouts.

​Moreover, his growth as a cage combatant was developed with the assistance of other Philippine MMA household names and MuayFit teammates like Rolando Gabriel Dy and Carlo Laurel as well as the father-and-son duo of Raysaldo and Fritz Biagtan.

“It was difficult as expected, but I wanted​ to be an MMA fighter so bad. I chose to endure. I kept on telling myself that pain is temporary. I just pushed harder every single day,” Corminal said about the grueling phase of his formation.

Corminal made his first professional MMA stint in October 2012, winning against an experienced Malaysian fighter by way of second-round stoppage.

Ever since his maiden foray into the sport, Corminal never looked back and cemented his position as one of the top prospects in the Southeast Asian region.

The 35-year-old Filipino lightweight standout currently holds a win-loss slate of 4-1, with all of his career victories to date coming by way of knockout.

His success in minor MMA leagues served as his footstool to be noticed by ONE Championship, which is widely recognized as Asia’s largest MMA organization.

Corminal is set to make his ONE Championship debut against Thai mainstay Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai in the co-headliner of ONE: WARRIOR KINGDOM, which takes place at the 12,000-capacity Impact Arena in Bangkok Thailand on 11 March.

According to Corminal, being part of ONE Championship’s burgeoning roster of world-class athletes is the culmination of the hard work and dedication that he invested to be an MMA fighter.

“I am so happy. The feeling is like winning an MMA title. ONE Championship is the biggest promotion in Asia, and to be part of it, it’s truly an honor. Everything that I did in training is all worth it because I’ve made it here,” he stated.

If he previously only imagined to be an MMA fighter, now Corminal will see how far he has gone in the sport as he shares the ONE Championship cage with Wiratchai.

“I was only dreaming of​ this moment before. Now, I am here. I see my upcoming fight as a test and an opportunity to know my level as a competitor in this constantly-evolving sport,” he asserted.

Although it took years before he saw his dream turn ​into reality, Corminal chose to hold on to it.

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. Keeps your dreams alive because all things are possible,” he ended.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. Lasang Oyster na Oyster. The newest product product from Ajinomoto.

Coco Martin is the endorser of the newest Oyster sauce brand under Ajinomoto named Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is available in 30g pack and 156g stand-up pouch. There is also Sarsaya sweet and sour sauce available in 200g stand up pouch, for a delicious blend of pineapple and tomato flavor. 

Miss Pen Alvina, category manager for Menu Seasonings, Sarsaya Oyster sauce is a unique brand of oyster sauce that is created to suit Filipino taste and preference, making Filipino dishes like Ginisang Kangkong and Adobo more flavorful and delicious. 

Tech Event: Shopee Is Now #2 Shopping app in PH; Announces March Promos For Its Fast Growing Mobiles & Gadgets Category

Last Feb 21, 2017, I attended the Shopee Techie Media Event at Sage Bar, Makati Shangri-La. This app helped me sold items online. I did meetups for all the transactions that I made. Checkout my account when you downloaded the app my username is socialiteduty. Or through this link

Shopee is the leading mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, where everyone can browse, shop and sell. It is a platform tailored for Southeast Asia, making online shopping easy, secure, and fuss-free through its strong payment and logistical support. The Shopee team believes in the transformative power of technology. As shopping on mobile devices becomes the ‘new norm’, Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s mobile commerce destination of choice. Shopee is supported by Garena, Southeast Asia’s largest internet platform provider.

Shopee is available for download for free on the App Store and Google Play across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan. For more information, please visit

About Shopee’s Free Shipping and COD Program
Shopee partners with the different courier companies, such as LBC, Black Arrow Express, and Zoom, to provide integrated payments and logistical support to their buyers and sellers. 

Brands during the event are below:
Macy Castillo, Shopee’s Head of Commercial Business

Press Release: The Art and Science of Harnessing Women's Entrepreneurial Spirits

Gone are the days when only the men ruled the business world. Today, plenty of women are joining the top players and they are innovating the business world with a women's touch.

Myren Garcia is one of these high-spirited women who braved the male-driven industry and did it on her own. But what she did was not only to put up a business; she made a difference by igniting other women's entrepreneurial spirit through the Network of Enterprising Women (NEW) which she founded in 2006.

After working at a bank for many years, Myren realized she was not reaching her full potential. She knew she needed to create something of her own but the lack of opportunities, network and information delayed her plans. After seeing this huge hole, it sparked the idea of establishing NEW.

 "I just wanted a support group to help me find out what business I should venture in, to invite female entrepreneurs and network with suppliers and to have mentors who can teach the group the ins and outs of business," shared Myren.

From Friends to Founding Members 

 But the simple support group who would meet up in Myren's coffee shop then became a hub of ideas. Soon, the few group of women who were colleagues and friends of Myren from her previous work and from University of Asia and the Pacific where she graduated started organizing mini events and forums to further expand their knowledge in entrepreneurship. 

These are the first members of NEW. "During those coffee conversations, my friends and I would plan on how to organize events with women entrepreneurs as the primary participants. It was after those several meetings that I realized my passion was organizing events." 

Soon, NEW launched the first Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference in 2008. "Our only medium prior to the conference to advertise our activities was the internet," Myren remembered. But that did not stopped them from pushing on with the event. They promoted the event through yahoo group, forums and Multiply. Luckily, Philippine Star took notice and became their media partner. "To our surprise and delight 500 women came. The organization started to grow bigger after our first conference," she said.

Bumps in the Business of Organizing Women

Yes, it may seem like Myren has it together but the journey towards it is 'no piece of cake'. "It is difficult to gather women and find a common time since we have different schedules. Regular attendance for members to attend activities had always been difficult," Myren admitted.

 But one of Myren's and most women's admired qualities is persistence. Despite the challenges of schedules, she never gives up in finding the right time and moment for the members. She was the type to remind everyone of the organization's activities and schedules. She was a very hands-on president that's why many of her members despite their busy schedule would always find time for NEW. The organization itself is good, but without Myren, it wouldn't be inspiring.

Finding new members is also a challenge since NEW would always have to defend its credibility as an organization. "It was hard to establish the credibility of N.E.W. since it was an unknown group and I only had a simple background. One needs to be humble and persevere in any endeavor you take," said Myren. She admits that her humble background as a leader is not enough to boost NEW's integrity and authority but thanks to a pool of aspiring women who had been loyal to the group, she is able to uplift NEW in the industry.

However, despite these bumps Myren is more than convinced to pursue the expansion and growth of NEW in the future. "It is fulfilling to see your members grow in their business through the help of NEW," said Myren. "I hope that the organization and its members will be able to establish links with the international business community and earn global recognition."

More than Business, as Usual

 What makes women entrepreneurs special is that they go beyond their means and needs to fulfill a goal greater than them. They always have emotions braided along with their dreams. It is never self-centered, it is always something for the better of all. Thus is what NEW reflects intensely.

 "Business is not all about profit," Myren shared. "To be considered successful, you should be able to help other people too."

That's why Myren never stops holding monthly forums and seminars for NEW members. "I had never been complacent with what I know. I still seek help and advice from more experienced entrepreneurs and mentors."

 And more than learning, these activities of NEW doesn't only intend to keep everyone informed. "You need to have regular activities so that there is follow through and establish friendships among ourselves as well."

 At the end of the day, NEW is not just for business, it is for camaraderie and friendships. Since emotions are a big part of women, it is with emotions that they also create a better chunk of the world to other enterprising women.



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Press Release: Dermcare Brings Beauty and Care

Channeling your beauty to radiate doesn’t come overnight, your skin requires pampering and care of a professional center that understands your needs. A center that provides all your skin pampering necessities has now come into full bloom as it introduces its new look and logo. 

For 2 decades, Dermcare have continuously shared their unfailing love and concern for their customers, delivering utmost satisfaction to your every vanity regardless of gender, age, social standing, and personal preferences.

Dermcare have been like a second home to their clients as the center treats each customer as part of their family. The care that Dermcare delivers manifest through repeat customers that keeps coming back for the very reason that they feel that they belong.

Understandably, you would only want the best for the ones you hold dear to your heart. This is why Dermcare has up the ante,so everyone in your family and social circle can experience the care and passion that only Dermcare can give. 

Pag-IBIG Recognizes Dermcares contribution to the community

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card recently awarded Dermcare the “Loyalty Cardholder’s Favorite Partner” which equated to the number of cardholders who had the privilege to enjoy discountsat Dermcare branches nationwide. 

Pag-IBIG Fund launched its Pag-IBIG Loyalty card Program in the year 2014. The program aims to extend the benefits given by Pag-ibig Fund to its members not just thru short term and housing loans but also to give them additional privilege in other necessities. Dermcare has been a Partner of Pag-IBIG Loyalty card since then.

Dermcare has served the Pag-IBIG members nationwide thru its more than 80 branches.  In 2016 alone, Dermcare has already extended an accumulated amount of more than P500,000 worth of discounts to around 2,000 Pag-IBIG Loyalty card members  who enjoyed up to 50% discount of Dermcare services and products.

New Logo, New Face

Dermcare's new logo is fused together with the care-centric ideals that they have at presentThe flowers represent theirgrowing clientele and how it has captured the hearts and gained the trust of the public.

In line with the new logo, Dermcare also launches the face of Dermcare - Ms. Nina Robertson, Mutya ng Pilipinas - Overseas Communities 2015. Nina embodies all the qualities that represents Dermcare, vibrant and full of energy!

True to its mission, Dermcare desires to foster care to its numerous clients by providing top-quality skin, hair and wellness services, as well as encompass the years of remarkable love and care for their customers. 

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Kick Your Way Yo Barcelona. The Grand Kickoff Challenge of Beko Philippines

Kwentong Jollibee

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I'm sure you've seen the short movie clips from Jollibee through Facebook or YouTube. I was at the media preview launch of #KwentongJollibee last week, February 6, 2017. The lauched was held at the Cinema 3 of Ayala Malls The 30TH. 

This year short story clips are:

The Vow


and Crush

I guess we can all relate in each of the stories. 

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