Saturday, February 25, 2017

Press Release: The Art and Science of Harnessing Women's Entrepreneurial Spirits

Gone are the days when only the men ruled the business world. Today, plenty of women are joining the top players and they are innovating the business world with a women's touch.

Myren Garcia is one of these high-spirited women who braved the male-driven industry and did it on her own. But what she did was not only to put up a business; she made a difference by igniting other women's entrepreneurial spirit through the Network of Enterprising Women (NEW) which she founded in 2006.

After working at a bank for many years, Myren realized she was not reaching her full potential. She knew she needed to create something of her own but the lack of opportunities, network and information delayed her plans. After seeing this huge hole, it sparked the idea of establishing NEW.

 "I just wanted a support group to help me find out what business I should venture in, to invite female entrepreneurs and network with suppliers and to have mentors who can teach the group the ins and outs of business," shared Myren.

From Friends to Founding Members 

 But the simple support group who would meet up in Myren's coffee shop then became a hub of ideas. Soon, the few group of women who were colleagues and friends of Myren from her previous work and from University of Asia and the Pacific where she graduated started organizing mini events and forums to further expand their knowledge in entrepreneurship. 

These are the first members of NEW. "During those coffee conversations, my friends and I would plan on how to organize events with women entrepreneurs as the primary participants. It was after those several meetings that I realized my passion was organizing events." 

Soon, NEW launched the first Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference in 2008. "Our only medium prior to the conference to advertise our activities was the internet," Myren remembered. But that did not stopped them from pushing on with the event. They promoted the event through yahoo group, forums and Multiply. Luckily, Philippine Star took notice and became their media partner. "To our surprise and delight 500 women came. The organization started to grow bigger after our first conference," she said.

Bumps in the Business of Organizing Women

Yes, it may seem like Myren has it together but the journey towards it is 'no piece of cake'. "It is difficult to gather women and find a common time since we have different schedules. Regular attendance for members to attend activities had always been difficult," Myren admitted.

 But one of Myren's and most women's admired qualities is persistence. Despite the challenges of schedules, she never gives up in finding the right time and moment for the members. She was the type to remind everyone of the organization's activities and schedules. She was a very hands-on president that's why many of her members despite their busy schedule would always find time for NEW. The organization itself is good, but without Myren, it wouldn't be inspiring.

Finding new members is also a challenge since NEW would always have to defend its credibility as an organization. "It was hard to establish the credibility of N.E.W. since it was an unknown group and I only had a simple background. One needs to be humble and persevere in any endeavor you take," said Myren. She admits that her humble background as a leader is not enough to boost NEW's integrity and authority but thanks to a pool of aspiring women who had been loyal to the group, she is able to uplift NEW in the industry.

However, despite these bumps Myren is more than convinced to pursue the expansion and growth of NEW in the future. "It is fulfilling to see your members grow in their business through the help of NEW," said Myren. "I hope that the organization and its members will be able to establish links with the international business community and earn global recognition."

More than Business, as Usual

 What makes women entrepreneurs special is that they go beyond their means and needs to fulfill a goal greater than them. They always have emotions braided along with their dreams. It is never self-centered, it is always something for the better of all. Thus is what NEW reflects intensely.

 "Business is not all about profit," Myren shared. "To be considered successful, you should be able to help other people too."

That's why Myren never stops holding monthly forums and seminars for NEW members. "I had never been complacent with what I know. I still seek help and advice from more experienced entrepreneurs and mentors."

 And more than learning, these activities of NEW doesn't only intend to keep everyone informed. "You need to have regular activities so that there is follow through and establish friendships among ourselves as well."

 At the end of the day, NEW is not just for business, it is for camaraderie and friendships. Since emotions are a big part of women, it is with emotions that they also create a better chunk of the world to other enterprising women.



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