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Farrales x Zalora in Bel-Air Village Anniversary Show.

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Sharing this article about the 60th anniversary of Bel-Air. 

Bel-Air Village has been home to some of the most creative people from different persuasions – art, design, literature, interior design, and many more.
And then there’s fashion – both couture and retail, specifically  Mang Ben Farrales, the Dean of Philippine Fashion, and Mr. Paolo Campos, the man behind the highly successful online fashion store

On the occasion of Bel-Air’s 60th anniversary set on May 26 to 28, the Bel-Air Village Association (BAVA) will present Pasinaya 2017, featuring one of the highlights – a Farrales and collab dubbed as “Retrospective”, set on May 27, at the Solar Street Park in Bel-Air 3.

Farrales has had an illustrious career in fashion since his beginnings in the late ‘50s, being the first Filipino designer to present a fashion show at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in 1984. His timeless, classic designs have incorporated traditional Filipino materials such as inol, a traditional Muslim fabric found in Mindanao.
Zalora Philippines is one of the leading online fashion stores today, hosting hundreds of brands and products to make shopping online simpler and more convenient for busy Filipinos.

Both Farrales and Campos have been living in Bel-Air for more than 20 years and have been active within the community. Farrales, in particular, has lent his artistic talent in designing decorations for Pasinaya, Christmas celebrations, and other village events. He is also part of Pasinaya history by taking a major part in the first celebrations.
“Mang Ben designed the costumes for the first Pasinaya in 1993. Amidst his very busy schedule, he always makes time for Bel-Air because he loves the community,” enthuses Malyne Lorayes, executive producer of Pasinaya 2017. “The village has this established sense of community with many long-held traditions, such as the community fashion show every Pasinaya, that everyone participates in. We’re very honored to have these two brilliant minds from Bel-Air be featured.’’

Meanwhile, Campos is a second generation Bel-Air resident who came to the village with his parents Buddy and Bing Campos. He has been particularly involved in the community feeding programs of the parish church.
To watch out for during the fashion show are the classic artistry of the Dean of Philippine Fashion which plays with rich fabrics and beautiful silhouettes and showcases the designer’s Mindanao roots. Meanwhile, the Zalora collection will show fun, summery looks for men and women that highlight the latest trends.
 “What unites these two fashion powerhouses, aside from the fact that they have considered Bel-Air their home for the past 20 years and more is the fact that they mix both innovation and classic elegance and style. Despite the different looks of the two names in fashion, both Farrales and Campos represent investment dressing,” states Ogee Atos, director of the “Retrospective” fashion show.

This year, the Pasinaya fashion show will feature young women from Bel-Air families such as Julia Javier, Sam Javier, and Anika Dy modeling the timeless creations of Farrales. Meanwhile, modeling some of Zalora’s coolest looks are faces such as Marco Abello, Ton Lichauco, and Daniel Cuajunco.
“For our 60 years, we wanted the fashion show to be a ‘homecoming’ of sorts, something that not only showcases fashion trends but also Bel-Air, so we thought why not feature two big names in fashion that call Bel-Air home,” states Lorayes.
The fashion show best highlights the theme of Bel-Air at 60, showing that what makes the village shine is the people that comprise the community.

 “What really makes Bel-Air special is the community we’ve built with one another. Unlike in many residential areas, we’ve kept our sense of wanting to get to know one another and getting involved. The fashion show is a great example of the Bel-Air spirit: all of us, no matter how famous we’ve become, coming together to put an incredible show,” explains Lorayes.

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IFEX PH Opening

Sharing Photos from yesterday Opening. 

DTI Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado delivered the opening remarks at IFEX Philippines, the country’s biggest food and ingredients show. IFEX Philippines runs from May 19-21, 2017at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

CITEM Executive Director Clayton Tugonon led the opening toast to formally open the festivities at IFEX Philippines on May 19, 2017. IFEX Philippines is organized by the CITEM under DTI.

DTI Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado led the ribbon cutting ceremonies at the Taste ASEAN Pavilion, EU Pavilion, and Food Artisans Village in Day 1 of IFEX Philippines on May 19. The three settings are just some of the special features at the three-day event.

Groves of international and local buyers, VIBs, media guests, and other visitors troop to the World Trade Center in Day 1 of IFEX Philippines. More than 15,000 guests are expected to visit the run that will run from May 19-21, 2017.


Snaps from Avon City event. Avolution. Becoming A Better You With Avon.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Press Release: Top ASEAN food firms gear up for IFEX Philippines, May 19-21

DTI-CITEM targets to exhibit 110 int’l companies in PH’s largest food show

Malaysia-based QL Foods Sdn. Bhd., one of the biggest producers of surimi-based products in Asia and now Southeast Asia's largest egg producer, is one of the top exhibitors coming to IFEX Philippines 2017.

The Philippines’ biggest international trade exhibition on food and food-related products rounds up the leading companies, manufacturers, and distributors all over Southeast Asia as one of the official events in the 30th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.
Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry-Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI-CITEM), the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines for its 11th edition will showcase the most exciting food products, trends and innovations in Southeast Asia on May 19-21 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) and the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC).
“Under the theme ‘Taste ASEAN,’ IFEX Philippines will be the main food export platform for ASEAN Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to capture the immense global demand for oriental flavors and drive up more trade opportunities in the region,” said newly appointed DTI-CITEM Executive Director Clayton Tugonon.
For this year, DTI-CITEM promises a bigger exhibit as it intends to highlight 110 international companies in IFEX Philippines, with the participation of 31 companies from the ASEAN.

Kampot Pepper, often referred as the “King of Spice” since ancient times, is one of the exciting ingredient in IFEX Philippines. It is recognized as the best pepper in the world following the award of Protection Geographical Indication (GI) status in 2009.

 Under its International Hall, IFEX Philippines will converge some of the top food companies from ASEAN countries, including Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Viet Nam.
Among the international exhibitors from are Malaysia-based QL Foods Sdn. Bhd., one of Asia’s largest producer of egg and surimi-based products; CKT Marketing Sdn. Bhd., a top distributor of Halal-certified frozen food also in Malaysia; and Swiss Pac Pvt. Ltd., which one of India’s leading packaging solutions firm.
Companies that also confirmed their participation includes Lian Hap Xing Kee Edible Oil Trading Pte Ltd. (Singapore), Sunshine Tropics Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), SEE Hau Global Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), FoodTrade Pte Ltd. (Singapore), Leng Seng Hout FAFA Food Co., Ltd. (Cambodia), E Che Ngov Heng Food Production of Kampot (Cambodia), and LyLy Food Industry Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

CKT Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is set to tickle tastebuds through their desserts and ice cream made with tropical fruit flavors, including mango, coconut, banana, durian and many more

It will also feature companies from ASEAN regional dialogue partners, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, and New Zealand; and some countries from the European Union (EU).
Coming from China includes Pearl River Bridge, Aaermes Trade Co., Ltd., Qingdao Shengda Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd., Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wes Expo. Other notable companies are Wes Worldwide Expo Services Ltd. (Taiwan), Tamek Gida Ve Konsantre San Ve Tic. A.S (Turkey) and Try Company Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Turkey-based Tamek Gida Ve Konsantre San Ve Tic. A.S is bringing bottled fruit drinks nectar, as well as sauces and breakfast products.
More participants are expected to come as CITEM drumbeats participation in various national embassies and partner with international marketing agents, including the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Rosen International Pte. Ltd., BLI Co. Ltd., WES Worldwide Expo Services Ltd., Fujian Huiyuan Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., and TRADEXPO.
“CITEM is currently intensifying its campaign to gather more international exhibitors as part of the Philippines’ commitment to lead ASEAN nation towards partnering for change and engaging the world with the region’s globally competitive industries and vibrant economy,” Tugonon said.
ASEAN, as an economic powerhouse, is currently the third largest market in the world with over 620 million people, the third largest economy in Asia, and the seventh largest economy in the world with a combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2.3 trillion dollars in 2016.
The IHS Global Insight predicts that the combined GDP of the 10 member-states of ASEAN will surpass GDP of big economies across the world.
Based on IHS Global Insight world economic forecast, the region’s $2.6-trillion GDP in 2017 is higher compared to these major economies: India, at $2.4 trillion; the United Kingdom, at $2.4 trillion; France, at $2.3 trillion; Brazil, at $1.7 trillion; Russia, at $1.5 trillion; and Australia, at $1.2 trillion.
Leading this fast growth rate in ASEAN is the Philippines, posting a 6.8% in its 2016 GDP growth.
On January, DTI launched the official line up of events for the ASEAN 2017 Business and Investment Program (ABIP), including IFEX Philippines, as the chair of the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) and the chair of the Committee on Business and Investment Promotion (CBIP) in its 30th summit.
CBIP8 strengthens the Philippines’ priority areas under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Pillar, which includes the promotion and globalization of MSMEs, development of an innovation-driven economy, and promotion of women and youth entrepreneurship.
Interested Philippine and international exporters and manufacturers are encouraged to participate in another exciting edition of the biggest food, ingredients, and beverage trade fair in Asia-Pacific.
Register at and follow IFEX Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may also contact Ms. Rowena Mendoza at telephone number 831-2336/831-2201 local 257 or e-mail, or visit

IFEX 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oppo F3. The Latest addition to F3 Series debuts in PH.

Last May 4, 2017, yours truly had the privilege to get to know the brand, Oppo. I rarely attend tech event because I am not a techie person. I don't go checkout in the market what's the latest gadget. But given the fact that I need to level up with my blogging (especially when it comes to photo quality) so I grabbed the opportunity to learn more about this gadget item.

The grand launched was held at Conrad Hotel. Dealers of the mobile brand, company officials and bosses, media and bloggers were present in the event. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

European Food Festival 2017

EU-Philippines Business Network to Host First European Food Festival in the Philippines

This month of May 2017, the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN) is hosting the first European Food Festival. During the entire month, participating restaurants around the Metro area will celebrate European cuisine at its finest. The European Food Festival is celebrated in parallel with Europe Month, which also falls in the month of May.
Gourmets and food connoisseurs can expect to experience Europe’s authentic cuisine and unique dishes through special menus prepared by participating restaurants. These special menus will only be available for the duration of the European Food Festival (May 1 – May 31) and will use imported European ingredients.
Guests can participate in the European Food Festival by visiting participating restaurants and ordering from the special European Food Festival Menu. Guests also stand a chance to win exciting raffle prizes from participating restaurants upon availing of a dish from the special menu.
Participating restaurants and importers include popular favorites such as Balkan, Bar Pintxos Tapas y Mas, Brotzeit, Carpacio, Caruso, Cyma, El Cirkulo, Enderun 101 Restaurant, Espressamente Illy, Illy, Impressions, Italfood Distribution Inc., Fly Ace Corporation, Le Deux Belges Corp, Metro Mart, Oktoberfest 365, Paul Boulangerie, Poco Deli, Pomurske Mlekarne D.D., Salvatore Cuomo, Tauro by Society Lounge, CafĂ© Mediterranean, The Makati Garden Club, Santi’s, Suncoast Brands International, Wedenberg International, and Wagner German Bakery.
EU Ambassador Franz Jessen said that “the European Food Festival is a great opportunity to share with Filipinos the exquisite flavors of European cuisine right here in Metro Manila. We are very excited to showcase a taste of Europe through this festival, which is an important part of our Europe Month celebrations.”
The European Food Festival also hopes to introduce and promote the use of Geographical Indications, an internationally well known system used to identify a product as originating from a particular country, region, or locality where it’s quality and reputation, among others, is linked to where the food comes from.
“Organizing the first European Food Festival in the Philippines is very special for us and is quite an honor. The EPBN is very excited to bring this food festival to life, with the invaluable cooperation from our food and beverage partners, participating restaurants, and importers. We hope to make the European Food Festival a yearly celebration and to continue our efforts in supporting the European-Philippine business community,” says Florian Gottein, EPBN Project Director and ECCP Executive Director.

The European Food Festival 2017 is organized by the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN), a project co-funded by the EU and implemented by a consortium of European Chambers of Commerce based in the Philippines. Its aim is to provide a support framework for European companies, especially SMEs, interested in exporting to or investing in the Philippines. Through the European Food Festival, the EPBN hopes to support the Philippine food and beverage industry and overall trade relations between Europe and the Philippines.
For more information on the European Food Festival and the latest details, or e-mail

The first European Food Festival launch was lead by (L-R) Ambassador Franz Jessen, EU-Ambassador to the Philippines; Florian Gottein, ECCP Executive Director & EPBN Project Director; Emmanuel de Ghellink, EPBN Business Support Officer

Cheers to the launch of the first European Food Festival. The toast was led by launch host  RJ Ledesma; Florian Gottein ECCP Executive Director & EPBN Project Director; Ambassador Harald Fries, Sweden Ambassador to the Philippines, Ambassador Franz Jessen, EU-Ambassador to the Philippines; and Emmanuel de Ghellink, EPBN Business Support Officer

Experience some of the best European Cuisine at partner restaurants during the European Food Festival. Just ask for special European Food Festival Menu

Guests get to try authentic European Cuisine at the launch of the European Food Festival.

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Fave celebs snaps from last year

Kiana Valenciano

Isabelle Daza

Nicole Warne

Cheska Kramer

Chiara Ferragni

and Isabelle Daza again. 


Coach Rio dela Cruz, RUNRIO Events, Inc. President.


RUNRIO Trilogy Series 2017 promises to be the most exciting ever

Manila, Philippines - April 28, 2017 - Running coach Rio dela Cruz of RUNRIO Events, Inc. announces the start of this year’s most premier running series in the country - the RUNRIO Trilogy 2017 at the Okada Manila in Paranaque City.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Press Release: Allianz PNB Life backs National Youth Futsal Cup

Hello May! Sorry for not frequently updating. Having problems with laptop and internet connectivity lately. Here is an update for sports enthusiasts. 

Allianz PNB Life in cooperation with the Henry Moran Foundation and the 
Philippine Football Federation (PFF) will be holding the National Youth Futsal Cup on May 6, Saturday, 7am to 5pm, at the University of Asia and the Pacific. 

The event will mark the beginning of the selection process for the Philippines’ participation to the Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC). Allianz, the official partner of FC Bayern Munich, is host to an annual international football camp held in Munich, Germany. The camp gives teenagers (between the ages of 14-16) from across the world a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with the FC Bayern Munich coaches. 

This is the first year Allianz PNB Life will be sponsoring five male players from the friendly tournament to the AJFC to be held this July in Bali, Indonesia. Two winners out of the five players will be given the chance to represent the Philippines in the global camp this year in Munich, Germany.

(Clockwise) Gae Martinez, Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer; Rei Abrazaldo, Allianz PNB Life Branding Communications and Digital Director; Ake Pastoral, Philippine Football Federation National Grassroots Officer; and Danny Moran, Henry Moran Foundation President.

 Rei Abrazaldo, Allianz PNB Life Branding Communications and Digital Director; Gae Martinez, Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer; Danny Moran, Henry Moran Foundation President; and Ake Pastoral, Philippine Football Federation National Grassroots Officer.