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Press Release: Top ASEAN food firms gear up for IFEX Philippines, May 19-21

DTI-CITEM targets to exhibit 110 int’l companies in PH’s largest food show

Malaysia-based QL Foods Sdn. Bhd., one of the biggest producers of surimi-based products in Asia and now Southeast Asia's largest egg producer, is one of the top exhibitors coming to IFEX Philippines 2017.

The Philippines’ biggest international trade exhibition on food and food-related products rounds up the leading companies, manufacturers, and distributors all over Southeast Asia as one of the official events in the 30th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.
Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry-Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI-CITEM), the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines for its 11th edition will showcase the most exciting food products, trends and innovations in Southeast Asia on May 19-21 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) and the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC).
“Under the theme ‘Taste ASEAN,’ IFEX Philippines will be the main food export platform for ASEAN Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to capture the immense global demand for oriental flavors and drive up more trade opportunities in the region,” said newly appointed DTI-CITEM Executive Director Clayton Tugonon.
For this year, DTI-CITEM promises a bigger exhibit as it intends to highlight 110 international companies in IFEX Philippines, with the participation of 31 companies from the ASEAN.

Kampot Pepper, often referred as the “King of Spice” since ancient times, is one of the exciting ingredient in IFEX Philippines. It is recognized as the best pepper in the world following the award of Protection Geographical Indication (GI) status in 2009.

 Under its International Hall, IFEX Philippines will converge some of the top food companies from ASEAN countries, including Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Viet Nam.
Among the international exhibitors from are Malaysia-based QL Foods Sdn. Bhd., one of Asia’s largest producer of egg and surimi-based products; CKT Marketing Sdn. Bhd., a top distributor of Halal-certified frozen food also in Malaysia; and Swiss Pac Pvt. Ltd., which one of India’s leading packaging solutions firm.
Companies that also confirmed their participation includes Lian Hap Xing Kee Edible Oil Trading Pte Ltd. (Singapore), Sunshine Tropics Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), SEE Hau Global Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), FoodTrade Pte Ltd. (Singapore), Leng Seng Hout FAFA Food Co., Ltd. (Cambodia), E Che Ngov Heng Food Production of Kampot (Cambodia), and LyLy Food Industry Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

CKT Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is set to tickle tastebuds through their desserts and ice cream made with tropical fruit flavors, including mango, coconut, banana, durian and many more

It will also feature companies from ASEAN regional dialogue partners, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, and New Zealand; and some countries from the European Union (EU).
Coming from China includes Pearl River Bridge, Aaermes Trade Co., Ltd., Qingdao Shengda Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd., Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wes Expo. Other notable companies are Wes Worldwide Expo Services Ltd. (Taiwan), Tamek Gida Ve Konsantre San Ve Tic. A.S (Turkey) and Try Company Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Turkey-based Tamek Gida Ve Konsantre San Ve Tic. A.S is bringing bottled fruit drinks nectar, as well as sauces and breakfast products.
More participants are expected to come as CITEM drumbeats participation in various national embassies and partner with international marketing agents, including the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Rosen International Pte. Ltd., BLI Co. Ltd., WES Worldwide Expo Services Ltd., Fujian Huiyuan Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd., and TRADEXPO.
“CITEM is currently intensifying its campaign to gather more international exhibitors as part of the Philippines’ commitment to lead ASEAN nation towards partnering for change and engaging the world with the region’s globally competitive industries and vibrant economy,” Tugonon said.
ASEAN, as an economic powerhouse, is currently the third largest market in the world with over 620 million people, the third largest economy in Asia, and the seventh largest economy in the world with a combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2.3 trillion dollars in 2016.
The IHS Global Insight predicts that the combined GDP of the 10 member-states of ASEAN will surpass GDP of big economies across the world.
Based on IHS Global Insight world economic forecast, the region’s $2.6-trillion GDP in 2017 is higher compared to these major economies: India, at $2.4 trillion; the United Kingdom, at $2.4 trillion; France, at $2.3 trillion; Brazil, at $1.7 trillion; Russia, at $1.5 trillion; and Australia, at $1.2 trillion.
Leading this fast growth rate in ASEAN is the Philippines, posting a 6.8% in its 2016 GDP growth.
On January, DTI launched the official line up of events for the ASEAN 2017 Business and Investment Program (ABIP), including IFEX Philippines, as the chair of the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) and the chair of the Committee on Business and Investment Promotion (CBIP) in its 30th summit.
CBIP8 strengthens the Philippines’ priority areas under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Pillar, which includes the promotion and globalization of MSMEs, development of an innovation-driven economy, and promotion of women and youth entrepreneurship.
Interested Philippine and international exporters and manufacturers are encouraged to participate in another exciting edition of the biggest food, ingredients, and beverage trade fair in Asia-Pacific.
Register at and follow IFEX Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may also contact Ms. Rowena Mendoza at telephone number 831-2336/831-2201 local 257 or e-mail, or visit

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