Monday, May 21, 2018

Ride Through The Outdoor Rhythm

When I saw an opportunity to try spinning was posted on one Facebook group, I immediately contacted the person who posted it about my interest to try it out.  Spinning classes have rates. I'm not yet ready to shell out cash as of the moment just to have it experience. So, I really waited for this kind of opportunity. 

Days before the event I have to informed my parents about it because it was Sunday and they also had some activities. Good thing adjustment was made and they let me go. 

And so...the day came. Taaadaaahhh! Actually, I had a hard time looking for the park because I don't frequent Alabang. Although I had a work there for three days last March, but never heard about the park. I did some YouTube search for Spectrum Linear Park but really had a hard time figuring out where it is exactly located. Mabuti na lang matiyaga ako maglakad. 

Found the place when I enter the Botanika area. Heard the music being played from far afar and saw what an event looks like. lol 

Before the spinning begun, all the first timers were given some info about the bike or what they call "set-up". So a guy told me when he learned that it was my first time "Let me help you set-up".  Parts of the bike below: (just googled the image)

The class started at 6 PM or around 6 PM. There were celebs and other popular bloggers like Jackie Go and Patricia Prieto (she is part of Electric Studio PH). Celebrities who were present: Hideo Muraoka, Jake Cuenca, Pat Sugui, Janna Tee, Brent Javier and Victor Basa. 

Sorry no videos to show how bad and embarrassing I was. hehehe. Following the choreography was optional. Okay lang kahit hindi makasunod. There was a part that I shouldn't have done... that was...adjusting the resistance.

The following day I experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscles sore). I missed a lot of gosee for work a.k.a project hunt. I would still like to spin again soon. I must not forget about the resistance. It was really fun because of the beat and energy + happy hormones excretion. 

Press Release: A more fun, active lifestyle at Filinvest City’s Spectrum Linear Park

Filinvest City, the premier garden central business district in the Metro South, recently opened two other sections of its Spectrum Linear Park, a foliage-canopied walkway that spans across the north and south ends of the township, as it further promotes a more fun, active lifestyle.
Since its opening last year, Filinvest City’s Spectrum Linear Park has been drawing a steady stream of people who enjoy its close to one-kilometer span. Now accessible via vehicles, this span is accentuated by tree-lined, landscaped pathways, lighted seating areas, and stimulating outdoor art installations. To make it more enjoyable for employees, residents, and guests, a free Wi-Fi access powered by Smart Communications can now be experienced at the park.
Whereas one part of the park is more linear and traditional in design—the area being nearest to the office blocks—the new portion is envisioned to be more playful, serving as transition from the business side of the development to its softer, garden side. Another section, meanwhile, presents fewer hard scapes—that is, walkways and path paves— and offers more foliage, trees, and greenery for a truly relaxing environment. This then transitions to the soon-to-be-constructed Creekside Park, which boasts of a ‘living creek’ on top of a thriving bird habitat.
With all these eco-centric innovations, the Spectrum Linear Park will serve as a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city living—a place where people can come together, take a break, enjoy outdoor activities, and have a healthy dose of nature while in the metro. This also proves that a balanced urban master plan, as espoused by Filinvest City where all the components of a thriving township is complimented by open spaces and pedestrian-friendly features like wide sidewalks and bike lanes, is possible.
“A key element in our plan is the enhancement of existing open spaces into functional ones like parks. It is through this that we aim to provide city dwellers a smarter, more sustainable township,” relates Filinvest Alabang Inc. senior vice president for townships Don S. Ubaldo. “While we already have all the components of a thriving community, we in Filinvest City still believe that lush, open spaces are a kind of luxury that will continue to attract locators and investors.”
The Filinvest Group, backed by its six decades of industry experience, continuously proves to be a progressive urban development, one that effectively fuses the needs of people, nature, and commerce. It is no wonder then that many have chosen to call Filinvest City their home.

Filinvest City together with Electric Studio Philippines led the spinning class recently with the select fitness enthusiasts at the Spectrum Linear Park Filinvest City Alabang.

Getting into the fast-paced grind. Spinners simultaneously hitting the pedals while enjoying the Filinvest City outdoors. 

Filinvest City has taken spinning experience up a notch while enjoying the outdoors differently

 ‘Look No Hands’, one of the cycling stunts that participants enjoyed during the class. 

A quick photo sesh with the spinners and Electric Studio Philippines for the post-workout spinning session. 

Friday, May 4, 2018


When I searched the word 'fit' in Urban Dictionary it says that it is the slang word for good-looking. Now, this convention would like to change all the myths and hearsay we have heard before.  

FitCon MNL, the premiere fitness and health convention in the Philippines, gears up for its second year. Slated for 18-20 May 2018 at Green Sun, Makati, FitCon MNL 2018 will be even bigger and better as it has partnered with 5, the number one sports channel in the Philippines. 

Dynamic Duo Inc. Divine Masinsin and Rica Rodriguez, Dynamic Duo Inc. Co-founders & Master trainers for PTA Global, TriggerPoint Therapy, BOSU and Hedstrom Fitness

 Fifteen industry experts from around the globe will be joining the convention to share their trade secrets through a series of interactive workshops and classes. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the latest in various topics including nutrition, sport science, the business of personal training, physique transformation, and workout programs for special populations. Also, the first time, an expo hall will be opened to the public—perfect not only for fitness and health enthusiasts, but also for anyone interested in the latest trends in the industry. Visitors can look forward to finding the best health and fitness gear and equipment, food and nutrition, services, and venues. Also at the expo hall will be the Activity Center, with hourly master classes showcasing the newest exercises and programs, such as bodyART, Bosu, Kamagon, Piloxing, Stott Pilates, Surge, TriggerPoint foam rolling, yoga, and Zumba.

Experts in various fields will also be giving talks on best sports practices, more efficient workouts, cooking healthy, and looking good. Three keynote speakers will be at FitCon MNL|5: Philippine fitness icon Vivian Zapanta; author and diet coach to the stars Nadine Tengco; and Glenn Ang, founder/director of RAW Active Singapore and 2017 AFC Personal Trainer of the Year. Zapanta, Tengco, and Ang will also conduct workshops throughout the three days of FitCon MNL|5. Other speakers include Dan Duran (PTA Global, USA); Benjamin Siong (Australian Strength Performance); Mark Laws (Mark Laws Performance Coaching, UK); Tony Howett (Power House Fitness Club, Dubai); Garnet Suidy (bodyART, Canada); Rodney Corn (SOMA, USA); Audrey Fourcade (Nike Trainer, NTC Program, Dubai); Prince Paltu-Ob (Zumba, Philippines); Andy Leuterio (Maximus Café, Philippines); and Connie Colson (Piloxing, Asia).

For more information, email or leave a message on the Facebook page or text 0917.898.4297. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Elken Philippines Launched Biopure Ultra

I first heard about Elken through a fellow blogger two years ago I guess. 

Elken was founded in 1995 by visionary founders A.K Tan and S.L Ho with their shared vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people to realise their dreams. "Our passion and determination has made us the largest home-grown direct-selling company in Malaysia and the top 50 MLM companies in the world and the only unlisted Malaysian company in the Direct Selling News US Global 100 list in 2013". 

MLM means multi-level marketing. They have 10 countries and over 1,000,000 business owners, Elken's seal of superiority is found on hundreds of quality, innovative and award-winning products in the categories of nutrition, beauty and home. Its strong culture of excellence and dedication to quality has also garnered Elken an extensive list of international awards and recognition.